Researchers can dental Pulp re-grow

A root canal treatment might lose in the future, a little bit of your terror, because researchers could regenerate the tissue Inside of a tooth, called the dental Pulp with the help of stem cells. So everything is made to be in the right Position, you have developed a biotechnology framework.

If the tooth Pulp is inflamed or dead, is removed, the nerve, the root canal has to be cleaned, and then with totem Material filled. For over three years, the professors, Maobin Yang, and Peter Lelkes from the Temple University in Pennsylvania are working together to breed from dental stem cells new Pulp tissue.

There is a big Problem: "If we enter the components in the channel, you have no spatial control. So you don’t know where you tissue, the dental pulp and the hard, the so-called Dentin, to grow The Dentin should be: the outside and the pulp inside. So we needed a structure." Therefore, the Clinician Yang and the engineer Lelkes have jointly developed a framework to control the tissue growth: "We can construct a two-sided scaffold and the stem cells to differentiate into pulp cells, as well as in Dentin."

In the next step, the method should be tested in animal experiments. Yang estimates: "I think in ten years or even sooner we will be able to patients coming for a root canal treatment the dentist, is an alternative, equivalent or even better method of treatment to offer: Namely the Regrowth of nerves and blood of the dental pulp vessels in the Tooth, rather than dead Material."