Stop Smoking: heavy smokers, a combination is worth

The beginning of the new year, the starting shot for the famous good intentions is often. A project of many smokers to finally be smoke free. Non-prescription nicotine replacement products such as patches, chewing gum & Co. from the pharmacy to increase the chances of a successful exit. However, not every product suits every Consumer knows, the chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony. In some cases, it is useful to combine different.

Non-prescription, pharmacy-only nicotine replacement products, withdrawal of consent are on the right way to the smoke-free life. The goal of these preparations is temporarily nicotine supply, without the accompanying harmful substances from the tobacco smoke, in descending dosage. While short-acting preparations such as mouth spray or chewing gum are more suitable for occasional smokers, you are paving for those who take regular cigarette, recommended. Even if it is considered to be less harmful: The cessation of the E-cigarette is not a drug of choice. In most cases, the vaporized liquid also contains nicotine, and as a hazardous fumigation agent propylene glycol.

The nicotine replacement products are available in different dosage forms and Strengths. The patch (2 mg, 4 mg) protect appearances with its constant nicotine serum level at best against the occurrence of withdrawal. Nicotine chewing gum (2 mg, 4 mg) in different flavors, lozenges (1,5, 2 mg and 4 mg), Inhaler (15 mg/cartridge) and oral sprays to convey because of their higher Anflutgeschwindigkeit the feeling to have control over the nicotine intake. Prescription nicotine nasal spray, mimics most closely the speed of nicotine release from tobacco products.

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Smokers should have at weaning a long breath, for the nicotine replacement therapy (NET), will take between eight and twelve weeks. During this period, the nicotine dosage is reduced gradually. In the case of heavy smokers, a combination of long-acting products, for example, in the Form of a patch with a short acting product (gum, Spray) has proved to be very effective.

Which product is best, so that the good intentions fizzle out, Affected people can find in the local pharmacy. In a consultation of the pharmaceutical professional can recommend the appropriate product and the withdrawal of consent helpful tips to quit Smoking along the way. However, with the nicotine replacement therapy alone is not enough. A prerequisite for a success: The Patient really wants to stop. Then the pharmacist can be helpful and the decision to withdraw again and again to encourage. Even if the health insurance does not cover the cost for nicotine replacement therapy (NET) in spite of scientific evidence on the effectiveness, it is because of the small side effects the first choice on the way to non-Smoking. The first improvements to occur within the shortest possible time.

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Many smokers believe their cigarette consumption at any time to control and not to be dependent on nicotine. However, the often overwhelming desire for a cigarette, withdrawal symptoms such as irritability or Anxiety, and the need to the nicotine level for the right "Kick" to further &ndash increase; despite the known health hazards –, point to an Addiction. Those who are not sure to what extent you are dependent on nicotine, can also your pharmacist for advice.


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