Trauma surgeons rates: to avoid falls on dangerous black ice – Video

Snow in the South and frosty temperatures: On the streets of Germany it is smooth. To avoid bad falls, advises the German society for Orthopaedics and accident surgery Füßgängern to take, of all things, an example of a Seabird.

Waddle like a penguin – and trauma surgeons at freezing rates. To prevent falls, you should go slowly and take small steps, such as the German society for Orthopaedics and trauma surgery (DGOU) advises.

The tilt the body forward

The penguin-response of the body’s center of gravity is shifted accordingly on the front, so the occurring of leg. The foot is with a whole sole and shows. The loaded leg is at a right angle to the ground.

The slightly forward-slanting posture, thus ensuring greater stability. Thus, the risk of losing on the mirror smooth surface, the balance and overthrow decreases according to the DGOU.

The consequences can be fatal

In the case of snow and icy conditions, orthopedic surgeons and accident surgeons to do all hands fully. They provide bone fractures, bruises, ligament strains and Head lacerations of patients on icy or snow-covered Due to slips and falls.

Particularly far-reaching impact falls on the head or the hip. This can lead to a serious skull-brain Trauma or femoral neck fracture.

In addition to the new penguin gear to the physician can also recommend Shoe Spikes, which can be quickly and easily to the Shoe mount, or at least shoes with profile. From Cycling to winter smoothness of the surgeons didn’t hold much. Older people should remain in the case of strong smoothness, as far as possible to home.