Many women get late help

In the case of suspicion on a heart attack, women call for your Partner quickly an ambulance – in case of heart problems, but they are much more hesitant. This is the result of Polish researchers, who have presented two studies on the subject at the Congress of the European society of cardiology (ESC) in Málaga.

Young women, especially, would make progress, despite complaints often obligations. “We hear again and again that these responsibilities prevent women from to call promptly for an ambulance,” said Marius Gasior from the Polish registry of Acute coronary syndrome according to ESC communication. In the analyses, values of 7582 patients were included with a particularly severe heart attack-Form.

The German heart Foundation can confirm this Problem, although this is based on a different age group. Their findings suggest that it takes, especially in the case of older women in the cut longer, until you are having a heart attack in the emergency room. So went the over 65-year-old women up to four and a half hours, at about 65-year-old men are approximately three and a half hours, it is called with a reference to an older investigation.

Other complaints than men

The delayed support is due in part to the fact that older women often live alone and in an emergency, no one to get help, reports the German heart Foundation. In addition, affected women do not recognize due to ambiguous symptoms often, that you have a heart attack.

Severe pain in the chest and in the left Arm are considered to be best-known symptoms of a heart attack. In Elderly and especially in women it may happen, however, that this so-called destruction’s pain is not more or only strongly reduced. You feel more of a pressure or tightness in the chest associated with pain in the abdomen, often combined with Nausea and vomiting.

Women should choose, therefore, also in the case of such non-specific symptoms, the 112, advises the German heart Foundation. The atypical complaints also lead to the Doctors suggest the cause is sometimes missing. Instead of heart problems tap by mistake on the back, stomach or gallbladder problems. Patients therefore often later to the intensive care unit, valuable time to the beginning of the therapy goes on.

The Polish study States that the medical staff has contributed to delays. “ECG findings for younger women were less frequently sent to the heart attack centre, which is recommended to accelerate the treatment,” said Gasior.