Flu Numbers are increasing, especially in the East

The number of flu cases rising in Germany. In the past week 14.341 disease cases were reported, according to the Association of Influenza. In reported cases, it is only to diseases in which the influenza viruses were detected in the laboratory. Because not all Doctors of their patient samples to the lab, is likely to be the number of unreported cases is much higher.

Currently, the case numbers are increasing, in particular in Brandenburg, Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Also in Bavaria and Hesse, increased cases of influenza are reported.

17 percent of the flu sufferers had to be treated in the hospital. Since September 2018 74 people died as a result of a flu infection.

So far, the so-called Influenza appears to be circulating A viruses. In the examined samples were detected in the laboratory about half of the virus type H1N1 or H3N2. In the past year, a large number of cases declined, however, to so-called Influenza-B viruses.

How can you protect yourself against the flu?

The most important tip is the simplest: wash hands frequently. Water and normal soap enough, it does not need special antibacterial soap or disinfectant. Thus, all the pathogens are washed off, the palms of the hands and fingers are in-between spaces for at least 20 seconds scrub.

Also it is advisable to the hands from the face. You touch in the subway, a holding rod, the virus stuck, it paves the subsequent handle to the nose or mouth pathogens, and the disease is the way in the body. If possible, it also helps during the Flu epidemic to keep other people and shaking little hands.

Apart from the precautions, vaccination against Influenza, which is adjusted each year to the currently circulating pathogens exists. Since the Influenza viruses change constantly, it offers no one hundred percent protection. The disease develops in vaccinated persons, however, as a rule, lighter than in the case of an Unvaccinated, the lower the risk for complications.