In spite of Corona: In Australia, thousands of people frolicking on the beach

You meet with friends, sunbathe, play sports, go swimming and enjoy the sun’s rays, as if you had never heard of the Coronavirus: On Friday morning, and a couple of according to the “Daily Mail” thousands of people on the beaches in the North of New South Wales, such as, for example, at Manly Beach.

On demand of the police, said the newspaper, you know the Problem and go about it. The famous Bondi Beach in Australia has closed the police already, after there had basked in spite of the announcement of the government, thousands of people. The Australians do not keep to the rules, could be even more beaches to the people denied. New South Wales currently has the second highest number of Coronavirus diseases in Australia.

Strict prohibition of Contact also applies in Australia

Australia’s government has imposed his Surety a strict prohibition of Contact, albeit much later than other countries. Only since the 31. March there that may not meet more than two people in the Public. In addition, the residents should leave their houses when they perceive important dates, to school or to work have to drive.

Sources: Daily Mail, the NSW Government

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