Deserted city as a result of Coronavirus: Italian mayor breaks out in tears

“I have just come after work from my office and am on the way home,” says Antonio Decaro, the mayor of the Italian city of Bari. “I wanted to make sure that the Bars and Restaurants are closed, it is now 19 o’clock.” His Facebook Video, in which he breaks out in tears, moved many people and spreads rapidly on the Internet. It shows how the Coronavirus is crippling the public life of the city. “Unfortunately, they are closed, we have to stick to the rules. I thank all the operators,” says Decaro. “We have to follow the rules. This is a national emergency. In some areas of the country complicates the Situation. The Problem is that we don’t infect us. We need to avoid a sharp increase in infections, we need to prevent the number of people in need of intensive medical care, exceeds the number of available beds. These Intensive care beds need not only Corona-Ill, but also other Sick who have had a heart attack.”

“Today we have three hundred checks to be carried out on the road, we stopped cars and checked whether the occupants fall within the exception to the rule, so if you had work commitments or a health Problem. For these reasons, it is allowed to leave the house and going somewhere else.”

“It is not necessary that all go together for shopping. The supermarkets remain open, you will be supplied throughout the day. There are no problems of transporting Goods, allowed the decree.”

“Today we had to close a supermarket, because the operator of the minimum distance to each other of one Meter could not guarantee.”

“Look, these places are usually in the evening, at this hour, full of people. The reality is that tonight you are.”

“It’s really complicated here. This road was one of the first that we have calmed traffic in order to make it more lively. The pavilions here, the tables, the chairs… We have brought this year a lot of victims, so that the city becomes more alive.”

(He begins to cry)

“But… (he clenches the fist)… I’m sure we will make it. We must have faith. And we will regain what we have achieved in the last few years. Now we follow the rules, and then we can eventually quickly behind us, in this emergency situation, health emergency, and we will also survive the economic state of emergency. Good night to all of you … from home.”