Introverted or neurotic? Purchases reveal a personality

Today, most people pay electronically, which provides a Wealth of data. A study in the journal Psychological Science describes how information about what people spend their money on certain personality characteristics include, for example, as materialistic or self-someone in command of is.

On the search for relationships between categories and personality traits, the researchers found that the experimental people are purchasing tend to be more money in flights invested and extroverted people, more food and drinks. Friendly people donated more, while conscientious spending more divisions and materialistic people more money for jewelry. People tended to self-control, spent less on Bank fees, and people with neurotic features took on less mortgage.

"It was no matter, whether a Person was old or young, or whether they had a high or low salary, our previously überein&quot agreed to say largely;, Sandra Matz of the University of Columbia said. "The only exception was that people who lived in heavily disadvantaged areas, were more difficult to assess."

In comparison to results from other studies previously, the personality, say, due to spending less accurately than on the basis of Facebook Likes or status updates, but as good as predictions based on music preferences or in the Internet, uploaded photos based.

After approval, the scientists had collected data from a British money management App of more than 2,000 account holders, a total of about 2 million expenditure. In addition, the account holder took part in a personality survey.