Man believes that he had a Sawdust in the eye. In fact, it is a tick

Chris Prater from the US state of Georgia is working on behalf of an energy company. He is outside a lot and will cut back trees that grow into power lines. When he noticed a week ago that his eye kindled, he believes, first of all, a Sawdust stuck in his eye. He tried the foreign body with water wash away. But the complaints stop.

His supervisor sends him to the doctor and there is a huge Surprise as follows: “The doctor came into the room and looked at me. He said: ‘I know what’s in your eye. It is a tick’,” he said to the American TV channel “WYMT”. “I bent over to him and asked him if he was just joking, and he said, ‘no, you have to tick a Deer or any other tick species in the eye’. She was very small.”

“Popping Sound”

The doctor numbed the eye and removed the parasite with forceps. Like Prater says, and I pull it Out given “a quiet popping sound”. He gets anti-inflammatory eye drops and an antibiotic prescription, because ticks can transmit bacterial infections such as Lyme disease. The doctor advises him also to a control appointment a few days later.

The unusual tick bite seems to be off the hook to be expected: so Far, no complications have occurred. As a forest worker, may he protect yourself against ticks, and use a lot of Anti-tick spray, reported the Prater and the kids: “But you can’t spray in the eyes.”

Nathan Frisby, a security officer of the company, has made the incident on Facebook public. The Post has now been shared 160,000 Times.

Tick in the eye – another case report

How often eyes, ticks in eyes is not known. The American society for ophthalmology, however, has reported on at least one other case, from the year 2011. The 28-year-old Patient had been Hiking, and complained of a foreign body sensation in the left eye. On closer examination, it turned out, that had sucked a tick in the conjunctiva of the eye fixed. The injection site was red to run under.

The Doctors removed the parasite and had him in a lab, among other things, on the Lyme disease pathogen testing. The animal was a tick larva.

The complaints of the man soon improved. Also, the redness of the eye disappeared. Due to the tick bite he had suffered no further infection.

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