Brilliant effect: 8 reasons why you should in the morning to drink turmeric-water – Video

It is only in recent years, scientists have discovered the amazing abilities of turmeric. The properties of the spice are good for our health and provide a ideal Start to the day and for the whole body.

There are 8 reasons:

1. Turmeric fights inflammation and is nearly as effective as some drugs.

2. It protects your brain. In one Experiment, prevented turmeric, the deposition of certain protein complex in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Just one gram of turmeric enough to optimize the working memory for a period of six hours. This discovery managed to scientists from the Monash University in Australia.

4. The spice could prevent cancer. Laboratory tests have shown that turmeric cancer has anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Turmeric improves digestion. The spice relieves such as flatulence and bloating.

6. Its ingredients support the liver and stimulate, among other things, more bile acids to distribute. Bind to dietary fats and make the fat to digest. The turmeric relieves this flatulence and bloating..

7. Turmeric protects your heart. A study by the University of Tsukuba in Japan suggest that Curcumin is just as effective for our vascular health, such as an hour of sports. The natural dyes in turmeric are antioxidants that protect the cells.

8. Turmeric can help in the future, perhaps also in the treatment of depression. A study from India in the year 2013. If you want to benefit from the healthy effects of the spice, turmeric, give simply in a Cup with warm water. Stir well and drink immediately!