Marathon runners in quarantine can run 50 kilometers – in his room

Because of the spread of the Coronavirus million people in China have to live under strict protection precautions. Several cities in the provinces of Hubei and Zhejiang, de facto, are under quarantine. The intra-urban and inter-regional traffic is strong set to limited or full, and residents must remain on the order of the authorities at home.

Of the measures of the Chinese Amateur marathon runner Pan Shancu is affected. The health therapist for Chinese medicine lives in the city of Hangzhou, whose city government is already on the 4. February has prompted all of the tens of millions of inhabitants, as far as possible in front of the door. But Shancu had the arrangement not of his workout. After he was stranded for days in his apartment, he began just to walk there, as the “South China Morning Post” reported.

Shancu running around 6250 rounds of his tables

“I was since many days, and not more out there, today, I can’t stand to sit around it,” wrote Shancu according to the paper last week, Chinese microblogging service Weibo. “Then round, let us to the two massage tables in the room turn!” A round is about eight feet long, said “the current Hero of the Chinese running community”, as the “South China Morning Post” called him. “I walked for 50 kilometres, did it in 4 hours, 48 minutes and 44 seconds, I have sweat all over your body, feels great!”, raved Shancu.

His Posting of the “Home-Trainer-sided” according to the newspaper as a document with a Video of yourself while Running, and a Screenshot of a running App that displays the duration of the run and the distance traveled. It is actually eight meters per round, has Shancu rotated a total of 6250 rounds of his tables.

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Shancus story spread quickly on Weibo and a lot of comments to be pulled out, reported the sheet. “I thought only I was doing this crazy hall running,” replied, therefore, another runner. Another Weibo user warned: “The people who dwell among You, will kill you.”

This concern could be overcome Shancu according to the report, however, He does not do when Running, no noise, because he aufstampfe with the heels, explained to the athletes. Instead, he’d gently with the forefoot on the floor or the ceiling of the neighbors.

Source: “South China Morning Post”

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