Fear and panic: How much is normal?

In front of the Monster in the closet every child is afraid of almost. But how much fear is normal and when parents should seek professional advice? An expert gives the information and says: don’t worry.

Fear is a part of life. "It is normal to be afraid in a dangerous Situation. On it there are normally only two ways to react: fight or flight. And the autonomic nervous system and the motor must automatically be prepared, immediately according to reagieren", Dr. André Karger, medical specialist for Psychosomatic medicine as well as psychiatry and psychotherapy at the düsseldorf University hospital, says.

As a so-called basic emotion of fear, therefore, so to speak, to the biological facilities, and is early developed in children. "You will experience the development of due to the reality differently than adults, feel Real as magical or are afraid of Fantasy objects, such as monsters and Gespenstern", the expert explains.

Älongest gehören to the development of this

Excessive terror, however, can be a Problem. According to surveys conducted by the Robert Koch-Institute for the mental health of children and adolescents (the BELLA study) are affected ten per cent of children and young people in this country from acute anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders hang together according to Kargers view, often with the reactions of the persons on the Fears of children. "If the parents are insecure and self-quickly get scared of, the feeling in the offspring verstärkt", Karger explained. This can also happen if the child is overprotected. "It is, however, also does not make sense to reagieren&quot at all;, the expert explains and recommends, to be sensitive, to accept the Fears as belonging to the development, as well as to strengthen the self-confidence of the children in dealing with it.

To hearken is it for parents, as soon as the son or the daughter Fears developed that affect the everyday life in a sustainable way. For example, when it is not possible to bring the child to school or to visit relatives. "You should talk openly with the children and try to understand what you experience. Fears can be used as a proxy for other emotions. For example, you may fear the child, because a parent is ill with cancer, or because it is in the family to commit acts of violence kommt", the psychotherapist says.

Offers of help to use

From his point of view, it is usually helpful for well-Known ears, how they deal with childhood Fears, and to read a psychological development, education counselor. "If parents do not come then, you should have a counselling centre for families to visit, for example, in the case of the diakonia or Caritas, and the next step is an appointment at the children’s and youth psychotherapist or psychiatrist ausmachen", the expert advises. The prerequisite for a successful therapy, especially a relationship of trust between therapist and child, according to Kargers versions. Karger: "Medicines are only in very few cases is necessary." A treatment with a licensed therapist is paid by health insurance specialists can be found on the physicians ‘ associations or the German psychotherapists Association: www.deutschepsychotherapeutenvereinigung.de.

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