Doctors warn: this is Why you should not wash raw poultry

Breast of chicken, quail, goose drumstick or duck before cooking, rinse? Not a good idea! From the point of view of health authorities, the Washing of raw meat is even more dangerous. By splashing water can spread germs in the kitchen. Sometimes the germ-water flies-mixture is not more than 50 centimetres. Prior to that, the National health service in the UK, the National Health Service warns about.

The British call several good reasons, to omit Rinse off in the future. Poultry meat contains the so-called Campylobacter. These are rod-shaped bacteria that can result in a low number to a food infection. The Campylobacter can be spread when you Rinse with adjoining kitchen appliances such as dishwashing sponges, work surfaces or cutting boards.

From there, the germs can migrate to other foods such as salads and vegetables. There may be fever, Nausea, and diarrhea threaten. And by careful Cooking be, anyway, killed all the pathogens in the meat. The Rinse is unnecessary.