Because she saved his dog’s life: the boss of the company is dedicated to researchers advertising spot at the Super Bowl

Actually, Scout was almost dead. The dog only is a remaining life time has been granted of one week, as the Doctors with him in the past year, a malignant Tumor on the heart noted. Previously, the seven-year-old Golden had collapsed Retriever at home. But months later, Scout is still on the legs – and will convince you on Sunday during the Super Bowl the entire United States.

Scout is, in fact, not just any dog, but first of all, the dog of David MacNeil, the wealthy owner of the company WeatherTech®. Secondly, Scout is a small Star in the past year, he appeared in a commercial that the company sent during the Super Bowl. This time he reappears in the Transmission of the Football game, but in the center of the Spots people: the veterinarians of the University of Wisconsin, which saved the dog’s life this time.


Super Bowl: commercials asking for donations for medical professionals

With a mixture of chemotherapy and radiation, the researchers were able to shrink the Tumor in the Scouts body by 90 percent. After a hard time, the dog can be great today, almost back to sleep, before his illness, even if he still needs to be treated. Hard this time was for the owner of MacNeil, the, presents itself even on the official website of the company with his “best friend”. Now MacNeil says thanks in his own way: With an advertising spot at the Super Bowl, he wants to collect donations for the research facility.

“We don’t want our involvement at this year’s Super Bowl only increased attention but also financial support for the incredible research and innovative treatments”, says MacNeil, according to a press release from the University. For this, he uses the “maximum stage”. Each year, keep track of the hundreds of millions of viewers the Super Bowl in American television, the advertising places in the final of the Football professional League NFL millions. The Spot with the Scout to run during the second quarter, and a lot of sports move fans to donate. So, hope, MacNeil, and the doctors may still be more animals saved.

Sources: University of Wisconsin / “SB Nation”

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