17-Year-old smoker E-cigarette – now he has a donor lung

42 deaths and more than 2100 Sufferers: This is the provisional balance of the disease wave in the USA, with E-cigarettes in context. The exact cause of the disease is unclear, but the health authority CDC has recently made a material finding, comes as a possible cause in question: The critical substance is an Oil, more specifically, acetate is a Vitamin E, as it, among other things, as a thickening agent in THC-containing Liquids can be used.

At the request of a family to the Henry Ford hospital in Detroit has made a particularly tragic case of a patient publicly: It is a 17-Year-old, whose lung injuries were so severe that he needed a donor lung. According to the clinic, it is the first case of a lung transplant in the context of the current disease wave in the United States.

“The 17-Year-old’s as well, and he has a very good prognosis, but his recovery will be a long and intensive process”, says a press release from the clinic, which was published at the beginning of this week, and the family of the boy, but also an attending physicians come to the word.

Disorder associated with E-cigarettes: “A preventable tragedy”

The young man was at the 5. September because of signs of pneumonia in the hospital came. His condition deteriorated rapidly and Seven days later he could hardly breathe and was intubated. Finally, a device that replaced the oxygen exchange in the lungs stopped him. His Doctors put him on the waiting list for a donor organ.

Risk Of Passive Smoking

Nicotine and sudden infant death syndrome: experts warn against E-cigarettes

The lung damage was so severe that he immediately came to the top of the waiting list. The successful Operation is on the 15. October has been carried out, the report says. In the meantime, he can breathe independently and work to be able to walk again.

“This Teenager almost died, he would not get a lung transplant,” quoted the surgeon, Hassan Nemeh,. “This is a preventable tragedy. We have so much respect for this family that we can share your pain, in order to prevent that the same thing is happening.”

The hospital introduced a Statement from the family. In him it is said: “Within a very short time, our life has changed forever. He led the life of a perfectly healthy 16-year-old athlete, who attended the high school, with friends, hung out, sailing, and video games played. Now he woke up, intubated, with a new lung and give him a long and painful recovery process. (…) We are the organ donor and his family for always grateful to give that you have made the selfless decision to life. (…) If this press release to save only one Person, others the Fan is stopping, or someone who is addicted, to get help, then this is certainly a step in the right direction.”

The health authority CDC warns, meanwhile, continue to use E-cigarettes with the marijuana ingredient THC. “E-cigarettes or Vaping products should not be used by teenagers, young adults or pregnant women,” – said in a statement. In no other country there has been a comparable increase in lung diseases in connection with E-cigarettes. THC-containing Liquids are banned in Germany officially.

Sources: Henry Ford Health System / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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