For hot days: Infused Water: a Trendy thirst-quencher

If it is hot outside, increasing our desire for refreshing drinks. Unfortunately, Cola, lemonade and co. are not just sugar – and low in calories.

Therefore, Infused Water comes to us is exactly right to clear, even at high heat, our thirst, without falling too hard into the weight. Healthy, refreshing and tasty – and what’s inside?

What Water is Infused?

Basically, it is the trend drink to a souped-up water, the various ingredients are inserted, which left a hint of flavor.

In the trendy cafes you’ve probably already large decanters or glass bottles with water, in which oranges, lemons or mint for a swim, at home, you could make Infused Water.

You can go and enjoy yourself to your heart’s content, and your water not only with the above-mentioned classics of spice up, but also with other fruits such as raspberries or strawberries.

Infused Water with vegetables

Try also vegetables such as cucumber slices, which are for refreshment. If you like it a little sharper, just a little bit of ginger in his own creation.

Depending on the desired intensity of flavor you can be your vessel then a few minutes to a few hours chilled. Make sure to cut the ingredients as small as possible, in order to give particularly a lot of flavor.

Infused Water you can with both silent as well as mineral water.

Tip: If you don’t want to forgo work on fruity water, prepare just a glass bottle in the evening, let it work over night and you can enjoy the next day.

Why is the Infused Water healthy?

Unlike commercially available water with flavor, gets Infused Water is perfect, of course. The particular advantage of your self-made soft drink is not only that it tastes better than regular water, it is also healthier.

The not put fruit and vegetables are all good things (flavors, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants) in the water, more calories the thirst gets quencher but still.

The fruits contained sugar does not get into the water. You can so easily a calorie – and sugar-poor, a refreshing and tasty drink for the summer mix, this is much better than soda, juices and co.

Depending on what you can make your Infused Water enrichment, you do your body thanks to the ingredients in addition to something Good. You need a Vitamin C Kick? Grab a lemon and Orange! Do you want to stimulate your metabolism? Then mint and ginger are your friends!

Infused Water – Delicious Combinations

Depending on your taste, you can combine, in principle, everything what you want. A couple of especially healthy and tasty combinations, we want to tell you, but still.

The Detox Blast: Grapes, Raspberries, Cucumber

Vitamin-Rich Refreshment: Blueberry Apple Raspberry

To lower blood pressure: Kiwi cherry pomegranate

Ideal for weight loss: ginger, cucumber lemon

Now, off to the kitchen and let you taste it!

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