Taboo the topic of Menstruation – Stuttgart-based Start-up is revolutionizing the Tampon market

Over the period you do not speak? “Nonsense!”, find Ann-Sophie Claus and Sinja Stadel Maier. The two founders of Stuttgart want to revolutionise your Start-Up “The Female Company” the Tampon market, and the menstrual remove the taboos.

Ann-Sophie Claus and Sinja Stadel Maier have a goal: they want to "the period sexy machen". In 2018, the women, the Stuttgart-based Start-up "The Female Company" founded. Since then, they produce organic Tampons, which get along completely without the use of chemicals, pesticides, and unnecessary plastic. Best of all, can customers, the hygiene article conveniently by subscription to send home.


Claus and barn Maier, however, are not only successful business founders, you are also committed to transparency and openness in dealing with the menstrual period. Because Tampons are considered to be commodities, not manufacturers must indicate the ingredients on the packaging. In General, women do not know that pesticides, chlorine, Polyester or even synthetic fragrances are included, which reach the absorbing most of your body. The Tampons of the Stuttgart-based Start-ups are, therefore, completely pesticide-free. And on top of that the fair produced.


The Taboo Topic Of Menstruation


The idea for your Start-up came to the founders on a trip through India. There are girls who have their menses are not allowed to participate for part of the school. Shame, and period are associated, not only in the Southeast Asian state closely. “In Germany we have so many enlightened, strong women life, but when it comes to the menstrual period, are most still embarrassing berührt", so Claus. The wanted to change the founders!


With cheeky sayings, such as "You?" and colorful designed boxes, on which, among other things, drawings of different-shaped Breasts are printed, want to break the founders with the taboo of menstruation. Why are customers to do with each completed subscription something Good, and the reduction of the “Tampon tax” is long overdue, you will learn in the Podcast!


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