Tropical giant tick has, for the first time wintered in Germany

For the first time, a larger and for people dangerous tick group from the South has wintered proven in Germany. After the recent hot days, equal to six copies of the so-called Hyalomma cropped up-ticks.

The University of Hohenheim and the Munich-based Institute for Microbiology of the Bundeswehr informed. "After the first Prove of this year, we have to assume that these animals spend the winter with us in Germany konnten", the Hohenheim in Parasitology login said and tick expert, Ute Mackenstedt on Tuesday. Hibernate means, but not necessarily, also, that the mites belonging to animals were already home.

The eye-catching ticks with the striped legs are twice to three times as large as their European Relatives. Hyalomma were transported ticks so far from Africa and southern Europe will most likely work with migratory birds to Germany, and could spread according to the scientists, this year is stronger.

Can fever transmitted diseases

This year’s findings are very been early reported. "If one back-calculates the development cycle, you would not have to drag a time to be, as the birds were still there."

The spider-like giants fever can transmit tick diseases. More dominant is the so-called wood Bock to stay, but as a native tick species, said Mackenstedt. The entrusted to agents that can cause Lyme disease and TBE. Hyalomma Marginatum – New home in Germany: What you need to know about the huge tick