Sarah Hyland Had A Killer Response To Body Shamers Comparing Her To Emily Ratajkowski

And today in trolls-trying-and-failing-to-take-down-celebrities-on-social-media, Sarah Hyland has clapped back at comments comparing her body to Em Ratajkowski.

It all started when the Modern Family star shared a side-by-side snap of the pair wearing a similar cut-out black dress on the red carpet, albeit years apart.

“The sisterhood of the travelling Tony dress,” the 28-year-old captioned the Instagram post. “Spotted on Sarah Hyland in 2007. @emrata Spotted in 2019 wearing it 100000% BETTER.”

Obviously, she was making a joke, but soon enough a few bad eggs began noting the difference between the two women’s bodies. Or, more specifically, who wore the outfit best.  

Sarah quickly amended the caption to read: “I can’t believe I’m editing this. I’m NOT comparing. This is supposed to be a funny post. PLEASE do NOT say anything rude about ‘who looks better,’ it’s not even the same dress.” *sigh.*

As far as we’re concerned, any opinions on other people’s bodies should ALWAYS be kept to yourself. No matter if they’re a regular joe or a major celeb. Clearly, Em Rata concurs.

She replied to Sarah with three heart emojis, adding, “you look amazing.”

Here’s to lifting others up, instead of tearing them down. 

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