Trolls Have Accused Ariel Winter Of Losing Too Much Weight

Body shaming is real, folks and we only need a quick scroll through Ariel Winter’s Insta feed for countless examples. First, she was called out for being too curvy. Then, trolls took issue with the size of her boobs (pre and post-breast reduction). Now, the 21-year-old’s account has been flooded with nasty comments accusing her of losing too much weight.

Seriously people, give the girl a break!

“Too skinny now… where’d the curves go?” one person wrote on a snap of Ariel in a checkered jumpsuit.

Another said: “I’m sorry you felt the need to dramatically change your appearance. I liked you just as you were.” A third added: “She was beautiful before she started chopping up her body.”

Let us make one thing very clear: it’s never ok to pass judgement on someone else’s body, especially online. Sticks and stones may break bones but words leave psychological wounds that are very hard to heal. We’re just glad the Modern Family actress is a seriously tough cookie and she’s not about to let the negativity bring her down.

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“I appreciate you wanting to help girls love themselves the way they are, but you are also kind of cutting someone (me) down,” she responded. “I also didn’t get plastic surgery. That is also not being supportive of women if you’re just assuming something about the way they look.”

Her classy clap-back prompted fans to rush to her defence, with many praising her for a.) working hard on her health and fitness. And b.) loving the skin she’s in no matter what the number on the scale says.

“You have always looked amazing! However, you being comfortable and healthy in your own skin is 100% what matters, not what someone else thinks,” one weighed in, while someone else commented: “She is a god*** smoke show! Accept it!”

Took the words right outta our mouths.

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