If boredom makes you sick: What Boreout-symptoms you should not ignore

Under the requirement in the Job, Psyche and body can strain similar to Overwork. What are the real causes of Boreout are, who is at risk and what symptoms are typical? FOCUS Online spoke with the chief physician of the psychosomatic clinic about symptoms and treatment.

Burnout is Dedicated as the Suffering of a particularly strong and Diligent generally known and recognized. Exhaustion depression psychotherapists call this disease that can be caused by too much work in the profession, but also about the care of family members out.

The situation is quite different, however, with the Boreout syndrome which is not classified as a disease in the classical sense and in the ICD is not yet recorded, and – if at all – only very few workers will relate to.

Be concerned, fear is to be lazy

This could be “bored to death”, Psyche, and are a burden on health much more than is commonly believed and a lot more people could be suffering known among them, than in the past. Because exposure often occurs, such as a survey of the personnel service provider Randstat shows. Thus, every third employee, you will want to change employer, as the reason “insufficient challenge”. Permanent boredom on the Job can lead to Boreout.

Bert te Wildt, chief physician of the Psychosomatic clinic of the monastery Dießen, observed at his clinic more frequently than in the past patients with this Form of Depression. In a statement Today, but little more is known about the Boreout syndrome. However, many victims are afraid to seek help. Because sick due to boredom in the Job, you feel rather embarrassed. Anyone who is bored, could also apply quickly, as lazy, as opposed to reworked, what is more likely to be counted as a knight. “Studies and precise Figures are not available but”, says the lecturer.

The causes of Boreout

So it’s not like Burnout, the Revision, but “the Problem is rather that the work meets, no joy or sense giving, but bored, for example, because too little brain and heart is required”, explains the doctor, and psychotherapist.

Under exposure is one of the main causes, or a lack of jobs and tasks. The Affected get no confirmation of your professional activity, you are not able to contribute their skills enough and utilize the work for you no sense. You feel inferior, self-awareness is becoming weaker.

The risk groups for Boreout – mostly high earners and well-Educated

Affected more people in a full-time job, no freelancers and self-employed – the latter are typical victims of burnout. Especially for a Boreout highly trained people who sit in a large Institution, with rigid hierarchies in which they feel helpless at risk. Often, they have little room for creativity and personal commitment, are privileged and often highly endowed.

That is exactly why you feel in a trap: The high position, the good fee and a life-long hedging allow you and your family a standard of living which would not hold without the boring Job. This includes loans, such as through the purchase of real estate often come in. Therefore, you must remain against their will in the unloved, under-challenging Job. On the duration of this mental conflict make you sick.

Psychological symptoms of Boreout

Inner Emptiness, the feeling that nothing will change, to be a professional in a cul-de-SAC, are the leading Symptoms of this “occupational disease” in the broadest sense. “Typical of a Boreout the feeling to sit in a case, in this professional Situation persist, the calls for me and to me is useless, but I can’t change for various reasons,” says the expert from the practice. Joy is no longer felt, and this lack of joy spreads into all areas of life.

The Paradox of Boreout and Burnout have similar symptoms

The Suffering expresses itself often through fatigue. The Affected reports, then, paradoxically, often as the first, that you were exhausted by the Situation at the workplace. Then the suspicion is, first, that it is a burnout, so Burnout.

However, with the more precise description of the personal circumstances and work situation, recognizes the psychotherapist the way in the other type of Depression, the Boreout.

Physical symptoms of Boreout

On duration may occur, such as for depression typical in addition, vegetative complaints such as

  • Sleep disorders
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of libido

Boreout is a serious disease of the Psyche

Harmless this mental illness must not be dismissed. “Ultimately, the complete loss of Meaning even in the extreme can lead to a life of fatigue,” warns Bert te Wildt. When should you go to the doctor or a psychotherapist?

“If it is over several weeks of depressive mood, which has lost enjoyment in things, the earlier of pleasure have prepared, and especially if you find yourself toying with suicidal thoughts, you should seek professional help, because like other forms of Depression also have a Boreout is treatable,” explains the clinic’s head.

Therapy for Boreout

Sometimes an in-patient treatment of six to eight weeks is reasonable, usually can, however, solve the outpatient psychotherapy of the psychosomatic as well as psychological problems. Initially, antidepressants may assist the treatment, which consists mainly of a behavior therapy.

“We look at what conflicts are responsible for ensuring that someone in a seemingly hopeless Situation”, the expert explains in more detail. Because the easiest way it would be in the position to abandon the sick. Some people need help.

Fear of change and too many obligations to prepare the way for a Boreout

The most common conflict that prepares Boreout the way, is on the one hand, be completely dissatisfied, to want to on the other hand, security and privileges do not give up or, perhaps, because other people are depending on. “This ambivalence is to find out and analyze how the Patient got involved in this,” says Bert te Wildt. There is too much fear of change, too much need for security, I played poker with my obligations are too high?

Game rooms

In the context of the analysis of the Situation undreamt-of scope there often, both at work and in private life. Here, approaches to solutions can access: the conversation with the employer are looking to change potentials to explore, Meaningful find in addition to the work, for example, in social relationships, a volunteer or a challenging Hobby.

“As with other forms of Depression also in the case of Boreout can, patients, voluntary and sporting activities anti-depressant,” says the expert. As a result, it had to come to a job change. The complaints can then be put to, and after, self-confidence and self-esteem so that it is like a gentle way out of the Boreout -.