The Coronavirus spreads – in Germany and around the world

The Coronavirus continues to spread in Germany. In the meantime, were reported from nearly all of the länder infections. The authorities try to isolate the Affected and the infection chain to interrupt – that it will fully succeed, but it is questionable. The Federal government has set up a crisis staff under the leadership of Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) and Federal Minister of the interior, Horst Seehofer (CSU), also in the affected regions of the participating authorities and institutions are in close contact.

The outbreak of the disease

Day-care centres close? Are airports prepared? The 40 most pressing questions about the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is endemic in Germany and raises questions: Should you go to the doctor? Allowed workers to stay home, if the kindergarten makes sealing? Germany is facing a problem of Supply? The star answers.

In our graph you can see how the number of infections in this country since the end of February has developed:

The focus of the current infection events in North Rhine first-Westphalia, in the meantime, the Virus Sars has been reported-CoV-2 but also from many other regions. Previously, the first cases of infected in China, returnees, and those from the environment of the automotive supplier Webasto in Bavaria became known. There are a total of 14 employees or their dependents to Covid were from the end of January-19 ill. They had a mild, flu-like symptoms and were able to the hospital, in the meantime, leave (click here to read the star for more on this).

Spread of the Coronavirus in Germany

On our map you can get an Overview of the distribution of the Coronavirus cases in Germany’s Federal States:

Worldwide, the Virus is on the rise, now all the continents are affected.

On the map you can get an Overview of the global infections (a total of 90.870; orange) and deaths (3112; red) to give:

Notes: The upper graph takes into account each the data of 10 a.m., exceptions are specified. The state of the Germany map is from the 4. March, 10 PM; of the world map from 3. March, 10 PM. Be taken into account only in laboratory-proven cases, which were confirmed by official Bodies, such as the Robert-Koch Institute, the health authorities or the world health organization. In this respect, it is possible that elsewhere already (suspected)cases reported, these have, however, found in the statistics on this page are not yet in place.

Current information about the spread of the Coronavirus, you can read here in the star-special

Sources: Robert Koch Institute, world health organization, the health ministries of the länder, the news Agency DPA

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