Shortly after erlösendem call the paramedics came: donor lung saved Sabina’s life

It has been something of a party atmosphere. Young people sitting on the ground, or anything in between. Beverage cans on the window ledge, opened the Chips and gummi bears bags, chocolate bars, Blankets, pillows, girl long hair and Tatoos on the lower and upper arms. What is missing is the loud music that would accompany a scenario, normally, and this must be so, because no one here is exuberant and cheerful.

In truth, a tension, you see the exhaustion on the faces reigns. In truth, the Party is not. The venue is in contend for a shared room in the hospital, and women and men are here because Sabina hinfiebert for eight hours to the fact that the door may open your room to finally, at last, and a doctor will tell her that this was going to happen, what are you waiting for four years. Sabina Pohl has cystic fibrosis, and if your today is discounted as not a new lung transplant, then you will not live long.

Ten hours of continuous Operation

Because a television team Sabina has accompanied that night of nights in may last year, you can look at all of that today and feels like an eye-witness. Sabina has not be able to view the Video properly. “The pack says I just don’t,” she said. Further explanations are, and are not necessary.

Today, I’m a woman, the man would look at a lie, if you would claim otherwise – the hardships of a life with a devastating disease, the peak of which was reached that night in may. Ten hours the Operation lasted, ten hours in which the Doctors Sabinas broken lungs removed and replaced with a donor organ have to be replaced.

“I trembled and immediately started to cry”

Four years the young woman had been waiting on the transplant list, and it was a Friday evening against 22 o’clock, when the call came, you had in this Moment, not in the least bit expected. “I was at a friend’s. We have Let's dance‘ on the TV looked at,“ remembers Sabina. The woman with an unknown mobile phone number did not say much. The transplant center would have a lung for Sabina, in an hour, a medic would come to pick them up.

“I trembled and immediately started crying,” says the 33-Year-old. In spite of the indescribable Chaos that triggered the message in Sabinas completely überfordertem brain, worked the outer process go smoothly, so that Sabina, who lives in Solln, in the district of Munich, in good time arrived in Großhadern.

On Board with her husband, mark, her sister Lisa and best of all friends, for it was clear that you would not let your Sabina in these hours alone equipped. Sabinas parents, so it was decided, had remained at home, in order to Sabinas Labrador bitch watch Bright, not without, of course, constantly in touch with your girl.

Outside it’s already light again, inside a mix of Drowsiness and nervous tension prevails, when finally the door opens and a doctor comes in, tells without mincing words: “The lung is in order.” Sabina will now be pushed in the OP.

Wide-eyed, on her bed, slumped, listening to the young woman, the words that mean everything to her. And because everything goes so fast, she says, alternately ,Yes ,Thank you‘, and you can imagine how in your head the thoughts, scraps of vertebrae, because just as a load of this petite woman with the long blond hair and the oxygen tubing drops.


The day of organ donation (1. June) to thank, educate and at the same time to address the issue of encouraging shared with the German Foundation for organ transplantation. The citizens should not concern themselves with the issue and make a decision that “many of us postpone always happy – at least as long as it relates to ourselves. A decision that can save lives”. After several years of decline, the number of organ donors increased in the past year, for the first time on 955 donor. The approximately 9,400 people were on the waiting list. 3.790 a Organ transplant got discounted. Currently there is a debate about a new system of organ donation.

The doctor left the room not even for a second, as it breaks out of the Sabina, and the relief, which erupts into sobbing tears, is tangible. Sabina and her sister Lisa are in tears in the arms, and also husband Markus quickly becomes a part of this great embrace that must now be easy. As I said, there’s not much time because the nurse and the patient there, where now be. If you have not had any anxiety before the Operation, I ask Sabina. Finally, there is a not insignificant risk of not surviving a procedure. Sabina shakes her head violently and responds with a firm voice: “no, I was so ready for this Operation.”

Several patients are called in

All that is on this hazy afternoon, as we sit together in Sabinas white dining room table, less than a year. However, the memories of those days are in may, so lively, that Sabina makes and sometimes breaks when you Tell it. Very close to the feelings then at that time, where it was a question of life and death.

If, says Sabina, gets a call, then it would mean automatically, that it would really come to the transplant. In the rule, namely, two patients in the waiting list would be convened, and when the body finally arrived at the hospital, would be carefully examined, for whom it would be better fit. The conversation falters at this point, because we imagine both of us, what would have happened if the doctor after hours-long ordeal would have been informed that Sabina had to change empty – handed back home-unfortunately, but.

Fortunately, it is different, and therefore, we push both of these inexpressible thoughts to the side. The surgery itself went well. The donor lung has passed and no major incidents, their work included. Sabina has recovered in the ICU well, and for a few days, it looked as if a Happy ending would be nothing to stand in the way.

Then it came to unexpected and serious complications

However, while the patient himself and all that had felt with her, and hoped, were just going to relax slowly, it came to both unexpected and serious complications. Sabina had begun on immunosuppressive drugs – these are drugs that prevent the body rejecting the actually alien body to have an allergic reaction. This meant that she got epileptic seizures and of the normal station to the intensive care unit had to be relocated.

The setback, before whom all had feared so, and life had assumed threatening proportions, was so entered. What followed was a week long battle of Doctors, in order to stabilize Sabinas condition with the help of other drugs again. At the end of the managed, fortunately, but it does not take much imagination to imagine what wounds Sabinas Psyche has worn in this time.

On your Blog, Sabina wrote at the end of last year about their experiences since may of 2018. “It’s just this time actually, when I had the setback. I’m just not ready to write,“ she explains, and it is her, it should be noted that the memory of torment at the time, she is still fierce.

The daily recapture

After an hour of storytelling, I have the impression that Sabina has difficulty in Speaking. Because your breathing is not that of a healthy person. Clearly audible breathing, and it sounds a little like it would be exhausting to dose the air when you Talk to properly. As I speak to Sabina, then dismisses you. No, she can speak, she says, well even further.

However, it is in fact so, that you must learn the right Combination of breath and tongue. To this end, she goes several times a week to a speech therapist and a physical therapist. After many years with an almost completely dysfunctional lungs, it takes a while to get used to it, with a healthy body to deal.

Much of anything in Sabina’s life changed since the transplant. “I’ve just become much more powerful and is still very unfamiliar to me,” she explains. Especially in the last four years previously, Sabina was always extremely tired and listless. Even small walks have brought them to their limits, and so her husband had to take over, in addition to his professional activity, almost all the chores in the household.

Now Sabina is in the process of, and fields of activity regain, and if she tells of how she goes to the store, the food is cooking, and every day a number of times with female Bright long Walk-rounds, blasting their dark eyes.

“We need to learn everything first -“

Sabina is no, the power of great words. When she speaks, however, about how your life since the transplant has changed, then a is also so clear how much she enjoys it, to be able to step-by-step the actually insignificant, little things of everyday life without help. It seems to get used faster than, for example, her husband mark, will jump up occasionally still, to be his wife, accept the things that gets these now very well-even on the series. “We need to learn everything first,” she laughs.

To Sabinas full capacity of the lungs is developed, it will take about a year. The foreign institution has adopted however, from the first Moment. In contrast to other patients who often have to contend with the strangeness of feelings, had Sabina in order no problems at all. About the donor, you know, by nature, nothing.

“When I was still in the hospital, I once dreamed that it was a woman,” she says. And also, that she is thinking a lot about the people who died there. “I would like to know if he was still young, whether he was married and how he lived.” How grateful she was that Unknown and his family, have no words.

“I light a candle and thank me for my Spender"

She would like to let the bereaved know how good it was today and how happy she was. “Maybe you could comfort the a bit about your loss,” he says to Sabina, and white but at the same time, that it will come to that.

She has, since she is home again, a Ritual that is practiced daily. “I light a candle, leave to peaceful music and thank me for my donor, that he has given me my new life.”

What is cystic fibrosis?

Cystic fibrosis is a congenital metabolic disease. It is one of the rare diseases and the Gene by a mutation in cystic fibrosis, the CFTR Gene, causes. The Mutation leads to a defective channel in the cell surface. This channel usually has salt and water out of the cell and escape. The channel is defective, there is an imbalance in the salt-water balance of the cell. Therefore, the mucus that covers the cells, in cystic fibrosis too little water, and is thus tough. The viscous mucus clogs a number of vital organs. Since the cystic fibrosis Gene occurs in almost all tissues of the body, can affect many organs. For this purpose, especially the lungs, the pancreas, the liver, and the intestines include. It comes to recurring inflammation. The organs can not work properly. So far, the disease is not curable.

(The article was first published on 22. April 2019 published.)

This article was written by Susanne Holzapfel

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