Second Ebola Patient in Uganda died

The number of deaths caused by Ebola has risen in Uganda to two. After a five-year-old boy is also the 50-year-old grandmother to the disease, succumbed. The two of them lived in Uganda, but to the funeral of the grandfather in the Congo traveled. The man had also died of Ebola.

When the family returned to Uganda control realized your already on the border, the first Ebola symptoms, and wanted to isolate several members of the family. Six of the twelve people managed to escape and cross the border at a non guarded place, according to the world health organization.

After the five-year-old Boy considerable discomfort developed, his mother came with him to the hospital. Meanwhile, 27 persons are under observation, which had with the deceased contact. During the three-year-old brother of the dead boy Ebola has been proven already. In addition, a 23-year-old man with typical Ebola has developed symptoms, a test result is pending.

In Uganda, there had been several times in the past Ebola outbreaks, most recently in 2012. At that time, more than 200 people died as a result of the disease.

Congo: About 2000 Infected, and more than 1300 deaths

Ebola is rampant for ten months in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with the two cases, the Virus has reached for the first time a neighboring country. The world health organization (WHO) wants to advise on Friday in a crisis meeting about whether an “international health emergency” must be declared. In October and in April had decided the WHO is still against such a step, because the outbreak was limited to parts of the Congo.

The proclamation of a state of emergency would trigger cross-border disease control measures. This was about 2014, after a devastating Ebola epidemic had been looking for several West African States. In Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia around of 11,300 people were dying of the Virus.

The current outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second-worst epidemic in the history. Since August, more than 2,000 Ebola cases have been reported. More than 1,300 patients died from the disease. As it relates to a crisis area, have a helper extreme problems, to get the Virus under control.

Hope through experimental vaccine

The world health organisation had already warned for some time that the Ebola virus could spread to Uganda. Many health care workers have taken the precaution of vaccination. Also treatment centers, where patients can be isolated existed in front of the cases.

In the affected location Kasese government by the people, were prohibited accumulations, such as at markets or Church services. The residents were encouraged to avoid physical contact with other people.

Currently, the WHO plans to bring a further 3,500 doses of the vaccine to Uganda. In the middle is a still experimental but promising vaccine, which was developed after the devastating outbreak in West Africa. As a drug, with which the disease can be heal is missing. Instead, it is yet only possible to treat the discomfort.