Optimistic people sleep better

Optimism contributes to a good night’s sleep and therefore better health. The a recent study, published in the journal Behavioral Medicine shows. The Confidence that the future holds positive things that led to the study slept participants sufficiently and rare symptoms of insomnia showed.

In the study, it showed that the most optimistic participants reported significantly more likely to have a very good quality of sleep. Individuals with greater optimism were also more likely to have sufficient sleep and during the day and less sleepy. The probability of 74 percent was greater, that they showed no symptoms of sleep disorders. On average, they slept six to nine hours per night, as Professor Rosalba Hernandez of the University of Illinois and colleagues report.

Hernandez believed that optimists stress to interpret events in a positive and more active and problem-oriented way to deal with it. This allows you to reduce concerns and Worries that interfere with sleep. "Poor sleep quality is associated with numerous health problems, including a higher risk for obesity, high blood pressure and Gesamtmortalität", Hernandez said. "The Belief that in the future, positive things will occur, has emerged as the psychological advantage, of the for […] better health is of particular importance."

The study involved more than 3,500 people at the age of 32 to 51 years, took part. The participants rated in the questionnaires twice at an interval of five years, your overall sleep quality and duration in the previous month. In addition, they answered questions about personal characteristics, their health and their optimism. A part of them, sleep was measured quality also with activity sensors.