Enough sleep and still have dark circles? This could be the causes

You have enough sleep and still have dark circles under the eyes?

For this, there can be several causes.

Below the eyes the skin the fat tissues are very thin.

The blood appears darker, the less oxygen is present in it.

The oxygen content of the blood can be influenced by various factors:

Nicotine, alcohol or drug consumption,

– Iron deficiency,

– Dehydration,

– incorrect diet,

Diseases such as, for example, the thyroid or the kidneys.

Dark circles can also be caused by the increased incidence of Melanin

This Pigment occurs more often, resulting in a so-called Hyper-pigmentation.

Also can have different triggers:

– Increased UV-radiation,

– Diseases of the skin such as eczema or Psoriasis,

– frequent Scratching or Rubbing of the eye area.

Hyper-pigmentation can, however, also be inherited and usually not a specific trigger.

It is to be noted:

The one with the eye rings is such a thing – some of it has even in the Hand, and some of the.