No last wishes for the terminally Ill: If you can’t do everything – that’s brutal

The corona crisis hits all of us. There is almost no area of life that is not permeated with the restrictions, whether health, industry or child care.

However, it is not only the employee and the employer, suffering from the crisis. Also voluntary associations and their many helpers meeting helpers the Corona-measures hard.

Heart disease in focus

As the heart centre Bad Oeynhausen-risk patients treated

One of these associations, the Ambulance Service Nord e. V. of lower Saxony’s angels. The Association has been working for 20 years, offers its services in the area of Verden and Diepholz, as well as environment, including, for example, First-aid courses. But also the so-called “star trips”, with which the club terminally ill people their last wishes.

A voluntary Association can no longer work due to Corona

In a specially equipped ambulance for sick people to die to be transported to meet you last wishes. This can be a last trip to the sea or to the family. The star in September last year, a “star journey” to the Hamburg fish market.

Star cruises

Dieter is dying. His last wish: the fish market

But at the moment such trips, and other services and activities of the Ambulance Service the North are not possible. Corona-restrictions have tied the club’s hands. The willingness to donate declined. The star has with Frank Wenzlow, the co-founder of the ASN and the Initiator of the “star tours” is spoken, what is the crisis for the terminally Ill and for the work of the voluntary means.

Mr. Wenzlow, such as your Association and its members are currently working on?

At the Moment , as well as not. We act in the Board of Directors continue to have projects to take care of us. But we can make no training and no service evenings hold. Everything is currently put on ice. The heart of this Association, the common hours, fall away.

The star rides are still possible?

No, unfortunately not. That gives us insane headache. We get a lot of calls from people who would like to make a. The requests continue, it is also died – despite a Corona. We can’t do anything. We must tell the people. It is also difficult for us. We all know what this does, if you can meet a terminally-ill people such a desire. And if you can’t do everything, because there is a regulation that prohibits – this is brutal.

What exactly do you say to the callers who have the desire to have the star travel?

Usually we receive a call from the hospice services. We must say clearly: we have been forbidden. We can’t put off, because the are sick people. The console in the future, you can’t. But it is not only us. The hospice service itself also has great problems. Hospice and visits not to go. There is so much social Engagement breaks away, what we have desperately needed. Because you should do in the future, what to allow and what not. Because Corona will occupy us even longer.

When was the last star travel and how the delivery?

That was just before Corona started here. The journey we have made is quite normal, it went to the lake. After that, we had a decision to make, as we make more. We then asked the circle, then we should focus on the Federal government, then to turn to the other. Later, it was from the health Department that we are up to 30. May no longer be able to perform these trips. Where you never know what is going on tomorrow, or the next few weeks.

You are working on a concept, as you can see the star cruises during the Corona-pandemic yet?

Of course. We have created the conditions, and would theoretically be able to. We have disinfectants, mouth protection, and even protective clothing. We are prepared for everything Possible.

They also make First-aid courses. This is at the moment?

At the Moment, not at all. By the end of may, which is prohibited. We also do not know how and when it will go next. The information flow is extremely poor. We only get ad-hoc information. Driving instructors start from the 11. Again, subject to conditions, to teach. Similarly, we could do that Yes also lessons. But it comes none the idea, to let us know. We write questions to the Offices and authorities in respect of rates and star cruises. The are of course busy with many other things, but we fall down back there. It affects not only us, but also many other clubs. And the question is also, how goes it with the students when everything opens. The also need to make First-aid courses. This is a huge rat tail, which moves to the jam. But we have made plans on how we tackle that. Probably we don’t have to work on Sundays, otherwise it is impossible.

Your Association works on a voluntary basis and on a donation basis. How are the finances?

Tense. There is a significant downturn in contributions. Many of the events where donations and advertising for us would be possible, have ceased to exist. Some loyal people to donate but more so that our project can survive. This keeps us above water. But it is noticeable that the missing. But we have taken precautionary measures, that we can survive a few months. The service we do not need to set the time also, but the belt-tightening. We remember it clearly, but we will survive it.

What do you want from the policy?

We have, quite simply, the desire that one is conscious of, that we meet the dying person’s wishes and no ambulance services are performing. We have a low risk. We love that we can allow such people back to the star cruises, to meet the people on their last journey desires.

What is your Outlook for the future?

I have the great hope that we will get an exception approval. That would be a priority, the most Important thing, what we want and make. If the Corona is abating pandemic, we would want to represent us like to back to the Outside, to events, to again, get support. The enthusiasm for our work is still there, also the support. You hear very little about us, because we can’t act. If this goes soon, then I am confident that we can continue to make. The demand for star tours is there.

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