So fast that the number of infections with the Coronavirus doubles

On (at least) three key figures, politicians and scientists are looking in the Coronavirus pandemic, particularly:

Firstly, as the number of confirming infections with the Coronavirus. This increases both, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as well as those of the American Johns Hopkins University resistant. This is not different, because new cases daily adds, Convalescent and Deceased but will not be deducted again. Current Figures for all German districts and cities, you can find here.

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When you are immune against the Coronavirus?

Furthermore, the so-called basic reproduction number R0 is important. It indicates how many other people an Infected person on average infects. The value is greater than 1, spreads a disease. First according to scientific estimates, the R0 value at Covid-19 according to the RKI between 2.4 and 3.3, other institutions have referred to different span widths.

Thirdly, there is the so-called doubling time, which is also of German Chancellor Angela Merkel as an important indicator for the evaluation of the measures was called. This is the time period in which the number of Infected doubled. The doubling time can be so good to see how strong an epidemic is progressing. In contrast to the case of numbers it is good if the values rise, because a high doubling time relieves the health system of potentially (more background and a sample calculation, see here).

Interactive graphics: doubling times in the case of Coronavirus infections

In the below bar graph, you can track the history of the development of the doubling times in the individual Federal States. By clicking in the selection menu, you can select your state. Click on each bar to show further Details.

Or not correctly displayed the graphics? Please click here.

Interactive map: doubling times in Germany and in the world

The below maps show the doubling times for confirmed Coronavirus infection in the German Federal States and the world. The click in a (Federal)country shows more information, including the trend of development.

In both graphs you can click on the map in the timeline, click, the Situation on the desired day to view.

Note on data: The Germany graphics are based on data from the Robert Koch Institute, the world map on data from the Johns Hopkins University. Because both raise your Numbers differently and communicate (more on this here and here), are to be found in the data sets have different values.

Sources: RKI Covid-19-plug-in letter, “doctors blade”

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