Medicine-Professor, on hysteria: the Potential to infect on surfaces, is low

How big is the risk, the handle in the U-Bahn, on the shopping cart or money with the novel Coronavirus infection is? FOCUS Online asked an expert, who is researching the risk of infection by corona virus. What he is warning and what is exaggerated.

The infection with Covid-19 the best way to avoid the any hopes. Doorknobs, the handle of the shopping trolley, and, ultimately, any everyday object that could be contaminated with viruses temporarily. Anyone who touches you, could become infected, so the fear of some people.

22 studies on corona virus

The fact is, “that the corona viruses are, on average, two to five days on surfaces undetectable”, says Günter fight clear, a specialist for Hygiene and environmental medicine from the Institute for Hygiene and environmental medicine of the University medicine Greifswald. Together with colleagues, he analyzed the findings of 22 studies on corona virus, the since 2003, known SARS-CoV-1, and how the pathogen inactivation.

New results of an investigation by the U.S. National Institutes of Health with the current grass-clear SARS-CoV-2 suggest a two – to dreitägies Survive on plastic and stainless steel.

It depends on the amount of the virus

For the survival time of the virus, however, is less a question of what Material the surface is. What’s important is how high the viral load fails. The higher it is, the longer a transmission risk on the contaminated surface.

The danger of such a door handle that an Infected person has touched, to infect, but it is very low, says the Professor. Via the detour of the Hand of the Infected on the surface and then from the surface to the Hand of another Person, the number of viruses decreases already strong and likely to infect someone.

Big difference, whether or not a virus will land directly or make a detour to take

It is different when the Sick anniest the handle or coughs, because then all of the viruses end up with the droplets directly on the surface. In this case, one has to expect a larger Virus on the surface of the part on their hands can get. But it comes down to how well the individual’s Immune status and the immune system.

First and foremost, Covid-19 widely used is known as droplet infection, the viruses are so bound to the droplets, Aerolose, which when Sneezing, coughing or Talking in the ambient air. In the range of one to two metres of the Infected, the risk is increased. On the aerosols, the virus could be only a few hours to be viable.

Thus, the survival ability of SARS-CoV-2 seems to be similar to the first encountered SARS-CoV-1 pretty.

Corona viruses are sensitive to high temperatures

Overall, the new Coronavirus is due to its protein shell as a relatively sensitive, however, it is also on external conditions. Low temperatures significantly below the normal room temperature of 21 degrees, promote the Survival of the pathogen, longer on surfaces to prove.

Otherwise the heat is. “It’s a dry heat seems to be for this Coronavirus to be unfavorable,” summarizes the expert. The connection between high temperature and the amount of Virus is known and is used for disinfection by heat or heat.

To abandon, therefore, however, on Air, would be wrong. Because the viruses are not generally in the air, but are bound to droplets, which on the ground fall.

Disinfect at home is exaggerated

“The risk of infection via surfaces currently from my point of view is low, if it is assumed that the majority of Infected persons in home quarantine,” says the hygiene of medical professionals.

Disinfectant at home are not in the current state of the infection, necessary, with the exception of offices, community institutions such as homes for the elderly, and especially hospitals. In the household of surfaces commercially available, simple cleaning agents to Clean.

Contagion by people who are infected but not ill

However, there are individuals, who are medically healthy, the Virus will, however, be eliminated. The example show by the German, who came from China, according to the expert. The health Department of Frankfurt, discovered among them, two were healthy, but the Virus carried and it is so when you Sneeze and cough would have been able to make.

Important for everyone, these three rules are therefore:

Hand disinfection in most cases not necessary, and can indirectly endanger other

A PostScript to the hand disinfection: do you Want to still apply a hand sanitizer, for example, because you have a long time no possibility to wash hands, you should take a product that is effective against enveloped viruses, i.e. limited virucidal activity is to be. In normal life, these measures, however, are not necessary.

The sell-off, and the unnecessary private hoarding of Hands disinfectants on the contrary, even unreflective and potentially dangerous – because it attracts a shortage of these products in health care to. This, in turn, can complicate the treatment of seriously ill patients in hospitals and practices. For these patients, the targeted disinfection is vital. Act responsibly, it means what it means, the above-mentioned hygiene rules, Exaggerations and to protect yourself and others.

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