Radiation: damage to 5G Smartphones to health?

The new mobile network, 5G, and expected to go in the coming year in operation, brings to the users, especially of: high speeds while Surfing the Internet. Critics fear, however, an increased radiation exposure. The Federal office for radiation protection (BfS) commented on concerns about potential risks, and gives tips on how you can reduce the impact due to mobile phone radiation.

"For mobile communications standard, 5G will be used in the first step, the frequencies that we are today already with the mobile nutzen", BfS President Dr. Inge Paulini says. Therefore, the current research results can be largely to 5G transfer. This means that the radiation levels (SAR) below the current limit values of currently 2 watts per kilogram, there is a risk of no health risks associated with the use of the new Generation of mobile phones.

Currently, there is evidence that the radiation may heat up tissue. The limit values are complied with, the body temperature rises to the highest slightly, which, according to the current state of research, no health effects. Other risks have been often studied, but not proven until today. To the question of the risk of cancer in the state, according to the cancer information service is today: It is secure, nor completely and definitively disproved that the mobile phone is carcinogenic.

The BfS expects that in a few years by 5G higher frequencies are added, their effects are not yet as well researched. Due to the Expansion of 5G, there will be probably more masts, each with a lower transmission power. "In the case of the respective development steps of 5G needs to be considered is whether the people of a higher radiation will be exposed to a lot. In addition, the BfS is untersuchen&quot possible effects of the new frequency ranges more precisely;, so Paulini.

As a precaution, everyone can reduce the individual’s radiation exposure with the following tips:

  • You pay as low as possible SAR-value, if you buy a new phone. On its website, the FSO provides a list of the SAR values of current models.
  • They are using Headsets or hands-free devices when making Calls with mobile phones.
  • Use, wherever possible, the Wi-Fi for Surfing.
  • Don’t check your E-Mails while talking on the phone.
  • Maintain a sufficient distance from your body to the phone or Tablet while Surfing. The greater the distance, the radiation exposure is, the lower.


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