The world of the grey-haired Immortal

“Every week our lives be extended to a weekend.” The phrase comes from the Dutch researchers Rudi Westendorp. How is he? The average life expectancy at birth has increased in the recent past in the West per decade, two to three years. This ratio has the equivalent of Westendorp on a week.

Children born today in Germany, with some probability over a hundred years old. A world of hundred-year-old would. for a man of 16 Century feel like a different Planet, inhabited by grey-haired Immortal.

The life expectancy curve in the UK, where data are available since the year 1543, shows the first three centuries, no development: Who was 35, was statistically as good as dead. Although there were 40-, 50-, even 60-Year-old. However, the number of those who died directly after birth, was awful high. Then, from the middle of the 19th century. Century, driven by increasing prosperity and medical achievements, it went up.

Speaking of medicine: Happy appreciate those who live in rich countries can, as always. The richer a country is, the more money can be paid for health care. This is the result of a study, the growth of the gross domestic linked to expenditure on products with growing health. Accordingly, the respective expenses differ between 33 dollars per capita in Somalia, 5356 Dollar in Germany and 9237 dollars in the United States.

This does not mean, necessarily, that in the countries with the highest willingness-to-pay also are the healthiest people in life. But we citizens of earth have different start conditions for a long life.

How much life expectancy from birth of the country depends on it, shows the site The German world-Bank-Economist and Big-Data-Virtuoso, Wolfgang Fengler has built it. Anyone who enters their date of birth, and country, must not only be statistically the most likely date of death to the knowledge, but also how old he is in the international comparison.

You can then output to the comparison, as a citizen of another country: As a US-American with the date of birth of 1. May 1980 would have been, according to statistics 46,2 years, as Somalis only 33.

But in the end, with the death date calculation. During the greater part of human history you had to be lucky to even make it to 40! Today, the life expectancy is in the global mean at 70 years of age.

Where will it end? In human DNA is no maximum lifetime is determined, says age researchers Westendorp: “The first man, which will be 135 years old, is born today already.”

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