“I’m learning every day to love myself and my skin”

Earlier Yulianna Yussef was often teased for her appearance. You thought you would never find a Job and a Partner. Today one wonders why, if you look at the young woman, which she posts on her Instagram Account, hundreds of pictures of themselves. The reason is not to be seen on each image for: There are numerous, sometimes huge mother times, all over her body – from the feet up to the head.

Congenital melanocytic nevi, short-CMN, the bulky term for the skin changes that have made Youssef for so long. It is liver spots, which are congenital, in contrast to the later in life acquired pigmentation spots. The brown color is caused by certain skin cells called melanocytes. They are usually distributed in the entire skin, with the Affected nests.

Large birthmark on his face

The moles vary greatly in number and size, can be smaller than one centimeter, rarely take a total of up to 80 percent of the body surface. According to the nevus network, around one of 100 new-born infants at birth or several moles. From a size of 20 cm in an adult, one speaks of a large nevus, which occurs in about one of 20,000 children. Riesennävi are significantly less, in the whole of Germany, only a few hundred people to live according to the network.

The photographer Brock Elbank has portrayed 30 stakeholders from Europe, the USA, China and Australia: Callum was born with a nevus that covers his entire right Arm and his right Hand. In pink Bellas face a large birthmark, in the case of Fay, the nevi take up around 70 percent of the body.

The portrait, the Elbank shows, had to learn how your skin can handle it. For many, it has taken a while. Gemma wore, for example, as a child, only long clothes and scarves, no matter what the weather. Today, you no longer want to hide. Frederik used to be asked often whether he was burned or if he was contagious. Meanwhile, his life is influenced by the nevi. Fay has always received support from her family and friends, you have your deal helped with prejudice. And Yulianna says: “I am learning every day to love myself and my skin.”

Increased Risk Of Skin Cancer

For parents it is often a shock, when your child is born with a large congenital nevus – not only from an aesthetic point of view. The skin over the congenital nevus is not only dark, it also has a different texture. Often it is thickened or wrinkled. Because here less sebaceous glands are present, the skin moist and supple hold, increasingly itching. The lack of sweat glands means that Affected sweating to compensate on the normal skin.

In addition, the skin change also brings certain risks to the health. Although people with nevi have a normal life expectancy. However, the German degenerate guideline, five to ten percent of the large nevi, half the risk is eliminated, therefore, on the first five years of life. Concerned should investigate regularly themselves thoroughly, one to two Times a year for a skin doctor visit and sun cream with a high sun protection factor.

Often parents for a surgery choose, often out of fear that their child might be teased. However, it must be borne in mind that the procedures will leave scars, which can interfere with a certain size.

The only way to eliminate the moles is surgical removal. In the case of larger nevi removed the skin needs to be replaced. This can be achieved, in the neighboring parts of the skin to be stretched, or skin from other areas of the body are taken and transplanted. Some nevi, however, are too large for this type of treatment. Doctors can then remove superficial layers of the skin, with the dark discoloration causal cells remain.

However, absolutely the large congenital moles do not have to be removed or brightened. The portrait show that you can live a good life with you.