How many pollutants stuck in Dildos and vibrators? Stiftung Warentest checks Sextoys

The business of Sex toys is booming. Especially on the Internet, where orders run discreetly and anonymously, to sell the toys. Often, however, the new Vibrator smell before unpacking, strange. Whether it is pollution-free and harmless, often remains unclear.

Although the products touch use sensitive areas of the genital zone, there are no explicit emission limits for toys.

Anne Kliem (Stiftung Warentest): “The Foundation goods test watched for the first Time sex toy. In total, we have sent 18 vibrators, love balls and penis rings to the laboratory and on the various pollutants investigated.”

The samples were cut into small pieces, the materials separated and weighed.

Then a chemical treatment was carried out, pollutants out.

Has been tested, for example, plasticizers, phenols, and heavy metals.

Four of the 18 products tested were rated “very good”; seven good.

Five Toys were, however, due to high pollution levels, the assessment is defective.

Affected models from Doc Johnson, Joydivison, We-Vibe, Big Teaze Toys and Pipedream.

“In two products in the Test, we have found polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS). And once here, in this rubber duck. This is a Vibrator that disguises itself very inconspicuous as a rubber duck. And in these love balls here at the white plastic. And the PAK, we have found that are suspected to cause cancer.“

In the pair of vibrator of the brand We-Vibe, the testers have found in the load contacts, Nickel.

Nickel can cause allergic reactions.

Also as defective, the Vibrator was classified by Doc Johnson.

Therein, Phenol was found, which is suspected to cause genetic defects.

Have been demonstrated, but also other critical substances, such as, for example, the plasticizer DEHP, which can affect fertility.


“Two other groups of Pollutants, which has been demonstrated in our laboratory, the short-chain chlorinated paraffins, and also very critical of the plasticizer DEHP. We have found this single Strap-on Vibrator in the Test. However, in the Vibrator itself – which was, in terms of pollutants, well – but in this supplied mask. Since this is not part of the scope of delivery, we were strictly. Since it is quite realistic that you used then.”

Sex toy is for more and more people to love life.

According to the pollutant analysis of the Stiftung Warentest is now also clear what toys you are best to avoid and which are safe.

Since the term “safe Sex” takes on a whole new meaning.