High Blood Pressure? In this cold means you have to be careful

Cold and flu viruses make the rounds. In the pharmacy there are many drugs against head – and body aches, sore throat, cough or runny nose. Anyone who suffers from high blood pressure or heart disease must be very careful in some over-the-counter Cold remedies.

A flu or a cold load on the cardiovascular System. Both decongestant compounds and non-steroidal painkillers, which are a component of many over-the-counter cold medications can raise the blood pressure. It experts from the American Heart Association. The decongestant active ingredients pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine cause, blood vessels. Thus, less fluid in the sinuses, and the cold symptoms improve. In people with high blood pressure or heart problems such as vascular narrowing, however, is unfavorable. Especially in the case of people who have had failure, a heart attack, stroke, or heart due to high blood pressure, caution is required.

Sondra DePalma from Pinnacle Health Cardio Vascular Institute in Pennsylvania, is of the opinion that "People with uncontrolled high blood pressure or heart disease should avoid taking oral decongestants." Those who suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems, you should better ask a doctor or pharmacist for advice. If the symptoms are not too strong, help rest and Drink a lot. It is best, of course, not only infect. Here’s a flu vaccination to help, getting enough sleep and frequent hand washing.


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