New Mum Claire Holt Admits She's Struggling Breastfeeding

Claire Holt welcomed her first child, son James, last week and has taken to Instagram to share an honest and raw look at new motherhood.


The Originals actress shared a photo to Instagram of herself holding James. She is visibly upset while the 1-week-old sleeps soundly on her shoulder. 

“This was me yesterday after struggling through a tough feed,” the 30-year-old actress began her caption. “Exhausted, in pain, feeling defeated. I’ve had many moments like this since my son arrived. My only concern is making sure his needs are met, yet I often feel that I’m falling short.”

Holt referred to motherhood as “an overwhelming combination of bliss and self-doubt,” but admitted she was attempting to “remind myself that I can’t be perfect” and that she “can’t be everything for everyone.”

“I just have to do my best and take it one hour at a time,” she continued. “Thankfully, this little guy is worth every second of struggle. Mamas out there — tell me I’m not alone?”

Fellow mums left comments of support for Claire, including fellow mums Amanda Seyfriend, Miranda Kerr and Jamie Lynn Sigler. 

“I gave myself two days off in the first week so I wouldn’t be scared and sad every time she woke up to feed,” Seyfried wrote of her daughter, who’s now 2. “And it helped so much. No guilt. Just pump and bottle. And then did both throughout. Less pressure. You’re not alone.”

Kerr, who is expecting her third child, commented “Totally not alone! Totally normal to feel this way. Sending love ?”.

The following day, Holt thanked her followers for their support. “I am so blown away by all of the love I received following my last post,” she said alongside a photo with James.

“I am reminded of the incredible support that comes with sharing vulnerable moments. I feel like I am part of a beautiful tribe – we are all in this together. Thank you for helping me to feel normal. For sharing your stories. They gave me great comfort. This little guy must have heard my prayers because he slept like a champ last night and had a great feed this morning. I’m so glad I kept trying and I’ll re-read your comments every time I’m feeling down. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

Holt has been open about the difficulties she has endured on her path toward becoming a parent, having suffered a miscarriage and undergone a consequent dilation and curettage procedure last year before she and husband Andrew Joblon welcomed baby James on March 28.

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