In Bangladesh: surprise twins 26 days after the first birth

Only 26 days after the premature birth of their first child, a woman in Bangladesh to twins. Arifa Sultana was born in the last month, in a natural way a boy, the Doctors would have overlooked, however, a second Uterus, reported the Ob / GYN Sheila Podder of the University hospital of the city of Khulna.

"She did not know that you are still pregnant with twins war", Podder said. 26 days after the first birth, the amniotic SAC, the 20-Year-old had burst again. Podder twins by caesarean then sought a cut to the world, a boy and a girl. Since no complications occurred that could leave the young mother with her three babies to the hospital on Tuesday.

"I gesehen&quot such a case in my 30-year medical career not yet;, the medical officer of the district of Jessore, Dilip Roy said. He wanted to investigate why the second pregnancy had not been discovered.

Mother’s Worried, dad is happy

The poor master at the end of Sultana was happy about the birth of her three children, but also Worry about their future. Her husband earn only 6000 Taka (€62) per month. "I don’t know, as we do with so little money such a great responsibility wollen&quot be;, they told the news Agency AFP.

Her husband, Sumon Biswas showed with more confidence: "It is a gift of Allah that all my children are healthy. I will do my Best to make you happy."