Warts: genital warts – so You’ll get rid of you again!

Warts: to get rid of them

Genital warts are especially bothersome. Trigger the warts by viruses. These belong to the genus of Human papillomaviruses (HPV). It is 150 viral sub-types exist. 10 of them can cause warts. Through contact with the skin or through a smear infection is affected first, the upper layer of the skin. Due to the viral replication in the cell nuclei of the lower layers of the skin become infected. The incubation period can take several weeks to months. There are some forms of therapy, the pesky genital warts to get rid of. Peel and Scrape, however, should remain taboo.

Risk of infection in the swimming pool

Very frequently Affected infected in swimming pools, in which an already infected person can spread the virus easily. Professor Ulrike Wieland of the German society for Hygiene and Microbiology reported: “A swimming pool, visitors to the showers with a Fußwarze, moves barefoot on the edge of the pool, settling down on the seat. Everywhere on the non-slip, rough floors remain its virus. The next visitor enters. He tore her fine Skin on the sole of the foot, then he gets infected in no time.“ In addition to small injuries to the skin, the skin is at risk even in places where it is already damaged by eczema or a fungal infection.

On the feet a wart is often particularly unpleasant, since the whole weight of the body presses down on these. “It grows inwards and forms a pin-like appendage. He can reach into the fat tissue and lead to pain,“ explains Professor Gerd Gross, a dermatologist at the University hospital of Rostock.

Warts can be solitary or beetartig occur on the skin. Among the most common types of Warts Vulgar warts, also known as “common warts” genital warts, plantar warts, flat warts, brush warts and senile warts.

Treatment for warts in the medical school

Warts are harmless and sometimes disappear even by itself. However, this requires for many people due to their low immune system the Virus will go a lot of patience. “Your immune system recognizes only after a long delay,” says Gross. After months or years of inflammation, which can lead to Healing of the wart.

Why to the doctor?

Going to specialist is advisable to other skin conditions to rule out. Don’t want to disappears to be Concerned, wait until the wart by itself, but this is not always the case, and will prescribe the specialist, in General, a treatment with salicylic or lactic acid, to the big horn portion of the wart tissue to soften and remove. Warts patches have a similar mode of action. Ursula sellers mountain of the Federal Association of German pharmacy associations, in Berlin, explains: “The surrounding skin should be protected by the Application of zinc paste or Vaseline”.

Professor Gross recommends after three days of treatment with the softening agents to daily foot baths in an antiseptic solution or salt water. This is applied over two to four weeks, the wart sometimes. If this is not the case, you can remove the wart by a specialist surgeon. As other therapies, cold laser therapies, or treatment with an immune modulator in question. The complete removal of the wart is in the foreground, as “residues” of infected tissue in the deep dangerous nodules and cysts can form.

Warts fight with home remedies and natural remedies

There are many herbal home remedies that can be used to combat warts. This castor Oil is one example. The affected skin of the face and hands should be daily rubbed with the Oil, so that the warts form slowly back and disappear.

Another home remedy against warts is the juice of the celandine leaf. RUB fingers of the washed leaves with the Stem between en and rubs the affected areas of the skin, to form the Merchandise. Also a self-made cream of 10 ml of celandine-Urtinkzur from the pharmacy and 100g of conventional, gutverträglicher skin cream may appear in three times daily application of against warts.

Wolf’s milk, nature pure tea tree oil, Swedish bitter conditions and calendula ointment is also regarded as a home remedy to combat warts. In homeopathy, Antimonium crudum can be used in wide Horny warts that occur on the soles of the feet and calluses accompanied, used.

Prevention against warts

Since the emergence of warts is caused by a Virus that can be taken preventive measures. Human papilloma viruses are so resistant that they can be eliminated with the usual disinfectants. Therefore, experts advise to take in particularly vulnerable locations, such as, for example, in swimming pools, your own arrangements. The Wearing of Slippers and the use of individual towels, which are washed to the baths or sauna at 90 degrees. (sb)