Pharmacist to terminate App for patients with E-prescription

Germany’s pharmacists want to offer all patients a free, competition-neutral and easy-to-use Web App. So you should be able to in the future your E-prescription and safe to redeem. The Fritz Becker, Chairman of the German pharmacists Association (DAV) announced, at the opening of the 56. DAV-economic forum in Berlin.

With the Web App of the DAV every Patient his E should be able to redeem a prescription at any pharmacy and, for example, also can ask whether a drug is out of stock. Be planned, but also additional functions that improve drug therapy adherence and safety, such as Taking reminder or notes to the expiry date of the medicines. The introduction of electronic prescriptions is mandatory, but so far there is no single solution, such as the Patient manage his E-read recipes, and can redeem.

"The trust that people place in us pharmacists on a daily basis, we need to erfüllen&quot also in the digital world;, Becker: &quot said;Patients are demanding the security of your data, the choice of your pharmacy, and of the independence of the healing professional performance. You want to be able to read your E-regulation." The Web-App of the DAV should be available to all pharmacies in a non-discriminatory and competition-neutral. Becker campaigned in his speech the commitment of the pharmacies themselves. On the Website pharmacies can obtain further information and interest in signaling. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn would like to introduce the E-prescription in the year 2020 in Germany.


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