New Mutationsgen: Exceptional patient has extremely fast healing and no pain

As a Mutation from pain, wounds and Fears can protect

A Scottish Pensioner seems to have a lot of with the super heroes of the current Marvel films have in common. The old lady hardly feels pain and has an extremely strong ability to heal from injuries. Researchers found out now that due to the exceptional abilities of women are the result of a Mutation.

In a current study of the University College London and the internationally renowned University of Oxford, it was found that the 71-year-old woman from Scotland feels by a Mutation, as well as any pain and injuries can heal very quickly and mostly without scarring. The results of the study were published in the English journal “the British Journal of Anesthesia”.

Wounds often leave scars on our body. A Scottish old woman suffers from a Mutation that feels so little pain, and to make wounds heal without scars. This could lead in future to a new possibility in the treatment of pain and wounds. (Image: gamjai/

Wife noticed burns usually only by the smell

The data reported by numerous burns and cuts without pain. Often you smelled for burns burnt flesh, before the injury is noticed at all. The painlessness and superhuman healing is due, according to the researchers, a previously not described genetic Mutation. The case could open the door for a number of new treatments that can help people recover from surgery better and to overcome chronic pain and anxiety disorders.

Researchers have been through hip surgery on the Mutation to the attention of

Jo Cameron caught for the first Time the attention of Physicians, as she was treated at the age of 65 years due to a Hüftproblems. The hip was later classified as arthritic, and had to be replaced. The patient has not responded as expected to the weakness of the intervention and after the second Operation without pain, the physicians decided that the case should be investigated in more detail.

Wounds heal, usually without scarring

In addition to their detailed medical history of the Affected reported that numerous burns and cuts without pain. The resulting wounds or burns healed exceptionally quickly and there was only a very small or no scar. The old lady did not notice, however, that she was so different than other people, until you needed a hip replacement. Until a few years ago, the woman simply had no idea that it is unusual to feel so little pain. The Affected was of the opinion that this was completely normal.

FAAH-Out shuts down an important Gene in the patient

In their study, the researchers from the University College London and the University of Oxford, the two identified remarkable mutations in the patient. A Mutation affected a Gene called FAAH (fatty acid amide hydrolase). The FAAH Gene plays a role in the endocannabinoid system of the body, the Parts of the Central nervous system, for pain, memory and mood an important role and the Compounds in Cannabis. They also found a second Gene that was previously regarded as a DNA without a useful purpose. It now appears that this Gene was referred to as FAAH-Out, controls the Faah Gene, and it is in Mrs Cameron off.

Patients knew no fear and was never in a panic

In addition to increased wound healing and the insensitivity to pain, the woman achieved in Tests of anxiety and depression exceptional results. You stated that you devices and never in dangerous situations, in a panic, such as, for example, in the case of a car accident.

Findings could in future protect people from pain

The implications of these findings are immense, explain the authors of the study. Half of the patients recovering after surgery, have moderate despite modern painkillers still to severe pain. The so-called FAAH-Out could be the key to the pain-reducing potential of FAAH-gene-free, when other treatments have failed. The results indicate that a novel analgesic discovery, which may be post-operative pain relief and also the wound healing can accelerate. Hopefully, the new findings can help the 330 million patients undergoing surgery each year in the world, so the research team. The old lady was excited about the fact that their genetic Mutation, other people could help. (as)