Kate Hudson Celebrates Being ‘a Couple Pounds From Goal Weight!’: ‘I Have Been Disciplined’

Kate Hudson is almost there!

The 39-year-old actress is just a few pounds away from hitting her weight loss goal, and celebrated with an Instagram post.

“Okay my friends, wanted to share! I’m a couple lbs. from goal weight!” Hudson posted on Wednesday, along with a photo showing off her abs. “I’ve done it without stressing on food or working out like crazy although I have been disciplined.”

The mom of three joined WW as one of their ambassadors in December — two months after giving birth to daughter Rani Rose — with the goal of losing 25 lbs. by this spring, when she starts filming a new movie.

“I’ve taken my time, I’ve stayed true to my @ww app which I am so grateful for our relationship and that they included me in their family because it’s an incredible set up,” she said, and joked, “Easy as pie! And I can eat pie… except it’s anywhere from 9-22 points which is not the best move… I personally go for the 5-point wine or vodka martini for a treat.”

Hudson conceded that she has always liked working out and learning about nutrition, so getting healthy is fairly easy for her, but she said that her Fabletics and WW communities still helped her through the process.

“Yes, active lifestyle I find enjoyable and yes, understanding food is a passion of mine but it doesn’t mean that I don’t need the support like everyone else,” she said. “Sharing the little parts of my wellness journey with you makes me feel oh so good. I can only hope that what I put out there can make you feel good and bring encouragement in return.”

Hudson added a note at the end: “PS I ain’t done yet!”

In December, Hudson said she was excited about the “challenge” of working out again after a tough pregnancy.

“I enjoy being disciplined. I enjoy being athletic, and I enjoy being active. So for me it’s actually kind of a fun time to challenge my body again in certain ways,” she told PEOPLE. “After pregnancy, getting your body back into shape for me — especially in fitness — finding my stomach muscles again and pushing myself a little bit harder sometimes are things that I enjoy.”

And Hudson loved that she didn’t have to change too much of her usual habits with WW.

“I don’t think it’s as much about changing anything, as it is about knowledge of the things that you love,” she said. “That’s the thing that sets it apart to me from everything else. This is about understanding your wellness. It’s about understanding your fitness activity, understanding your food, understanding the things that you love. It’s about how to balance.”

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