Green coffee extract slimming pill and colon cleanser?

Table of contents

  • Green coffee extract for weight loss and colon cleansing
  • What is Green coffee extract?
  • What substances make it from the Green coffee extract a fat burner?
  • Normal coffee also helps with weight loss, it also chlorogenic acid?
  • Can help the Green coffee extract really in losing weight?
  • Take off with Green coffee extract without any change in Diet?
  • Green coffee extract has other health benefits?
  • How much caffeine in Green coffee extract?
  • How to take Green coffee extract? How to find the correct dosage for him?
  • The Green coffee side effects extract?
  • Who should not take Green coffee extract?
  • How to use green coffee to colon cleansing?

Green coffee extract for weight loss and colon cleansing

Losing weight can be incredibly difficult. Products that make it easier to lose weight, therefore always have high demand. For many years (since about 2012) is part of the Green coffee extract, Yes, he is even supposed to be one of the most popular weight loss agent that are currently on the market.

In alternative medicine, the Green coffee is achieve used also for colon cleansing in the Form of enemas and to report to so that – according to experience – an extraordinary healing effect.

What is Green coffee extract?

Coffee beans are after harvesting, still bright green. Only through the processing and roasting, they are so dark, how it is used today. Green coffee extract is made beans from the green, so, unroasted coffee.

It is green coffee, therefore, is not about a different type of coffee, but only coffee beans in their natural Form, with levels higher active Ingredient than the roasted version.

What substances make it from the Green coffee extract a fat burner?

Why the extract could weight loss support, seems to be due to the combination of its active ingredients. Particularly, the chlorogenic acid – a including anti-oxidative substance acting – could accelerate, in Combination with caffeine to lose weight.

In mice, had shown in a 2006 study that the addition of up to 1 % of the Green coffee extract to food could prevent an increase in weight. To chlorogenic acid or caffeine find out what was in the green coffee this effect (?), it looked like the gift of an isolated chlorogenic acid, and also the gift of the isolated caffeine was.

The chlorogenic acid was unable to prevent the formation of fat in the liver, which caffeine was able. Caffeine is not reduced, however, the amount of fats in the blood after the experiment on the consumption of olive oil, which, in turn, the chlorogenic acid was able. The degradation product of chlorogenic acid, the ferulic acid., even fat deposits in the liver, so removal is a combination of both substances to the fat, therefore, particularly useful might be.

In March 2010 we published a further study of this topic. Here, we gave obese mice of either chlorogenic acid or caffeic acid (at a dose of 0.02 percent of body weight). A control group, neither the one nor the other received. It showed that both acids reduce the body weight and abdominal fat mass as well as insulin levels and also the triglyceride and cholesterol were not able to lower values, what happened in the control group.

The chlorogenic acid could also increase the adiponectin level. Adiponectin is a hormone that helps with fat loss and the insulin effect is increased, so that high adiponectin level are considered to be diabetes-protective.

Overall, showed in this study that both acids had a positive influence on lipid metabolism and body weight, the chlorogenic acid, however, clearly better was the coffee acid.

Normal coffee also helps with weight loss, it also chlorogenic acid?

At least since a study by in 2009, you know when the Roasting process of the chlorogenic acid, for the most part on the track. The Roasting process depends on the Röstmethode and the quality of the coffee. Industrial roasting processes run rather short, with very high temperatures (sometimes over 500 degrees). Gentler Roasts high-quality coffee can vary between 10 and 20 minutes and held at 200 to 220 degrees.

In the above study showed that the chlorogenic acid content was at a 21-minute Roast at 250 degrees, only exist in traces. Milder Roast at 230 degrees (12 minutes) reduced the chlorogenic acid at least 50 percent.

Normal coffee does not support the Decrease, therefore, so good as green coffee. (Otherwise, there would be, given the extremely widespread coffee consumption in the population, as well as not Obese!)

Can help the Green coffee extract really in losing weight?

As the above studies with mice have been held, one soon studies with obese people. In a Meta-analysis of 2011 we reviewed 3 clinical studies that wanted to show all that Green coffee extract helps also obese people lose weight. Two, however, were funded by manufacturers of the extract and are, therefore, not necessarily as a lens.

The third study is from the year 2007 and was conducted with 30 overweight people. A part of received 12 weeks of daily instant coffee enriched with 440 – and 495 mg of chlorogenic acid, the other part of the normal instant coffee. In the chlorogenic acid group of the subjects declined to 5.4 kg on average (and lost fat, 3.6 per cent of the body), in the control group, the Overweight decreased only 1.7 kg.

In a further study (2006) was able to contribute the gift of daily 480 mg of Green coffee extract with a content of 140 mg of chlorogenic acid any weight loss. The chlorogenic acid was dose-here, apparently, is clearly too low.

A later study from the year 2012 was carried out with only 16 overweight individuals. They received six weeks of either daily 700 or 1050 mg of Green coffee extract with a to 45.9 percent chlorogenic acid content, or a Placebo.

It came in the groups who took the extract an average weight loss of 8 kg, a decrease in the BMI of an average of 2,92 and a body fat loss of an average of 4.44% in – and all of this without the diet of the subjects would have been modified or altered in any Form.

Unfortunately, the study was withdrawn two years later – with the statement that the sponsors of the study could not guarantee for the accuracy of the data.

Take off with Green coffee extract without any change in Diet?

The previous studies on the slimming effects of Green coffee extract are enjoy with limitations. They have been carried out with a low number of participants, and only over a relatively short duration. Funded often by the manufacturers of the Green coffee extract.

Finally, you can integrate Green coffee extract capsules is very good to accompany in a comprehensive and holistic weight loss program that consists of a permanent change in Diet and adequate exercise. Alone of taking Green coffee extract you should expect to capsules, however in the case of unchanged dietary habits no wonder.

Green coffee extract has other health benefits?

As is apparent from the above presented mouse studies had shown that could Green coffee extract also for Diabetes be helpful since it regulates the insulin levels. In addition, the chlorogenic acid is could help the absorption of sugar from the intestine reduce is also a factor, the Obesity and Diabetes prevent.

Doses of 140 mg of chlorogenic acid per day were able to reduce in a 2006 study, the blood pressure in 28 patients with mild high blood pressure.

How much caffeine in Green coffee extract?

The caffeine content of each extract should be specified by the manufacturer. Please check the product descriptions. The Green coffee extract capsules of a Effective Nature, for example, contain per capsule 60 mg of caffeine. Since it takes three capsules per day, comes one day to 180 mg of caffeine.

An Espresso (30 ml) contains 40 mg of caffeine, a Cup of coffee (150 ml of 4 g of coffee beans) of between 40 and 120 mg of caffeine.

How to take Green coffee extract? How to find the correct dosage for him?

Normally, you doses of the Green coffee extract according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is from the chlorogenic acid as the main active ingredient and is dosed accordingly of chlorogenic acid content of this extract. You wanted to take the isolated chlorogenic acid, one would choose a dose of 120 to 300 mg per day, although some manufacturers also recommend taking up to 600 mg of chlorogenic acid.

  • Contains a Green coffee 10 percent chlorogenic acid extract, therefore, it takes 1,200 to 3,000 mg.
  • Contains the extract 20% chlorogenic acid, 600 to 1,500 mg.
  • The extract 50% chlorogenic acid, contains, take 240 to 600 mg.

Always keep the caffeine content of Green coffee extract. A daily dose should not be taken to contain between 150 and 200 mg of caffeine – as much as 4 Espresso – which is why the capsules starting in the afternoon.

It is recommended taking 30 minutes before meals. The daily dose should be divided into two to three single doses, e.g. morning, noon, and early afternoon.

The Green coffee side effects extract?

Because of the Green coffee extract contains caffeine, he has all the effects and side effects of this substance and is therefore not suitable for people who cannot tolerate caffeine. The substance can cause for sensitive people heart, increased pulse, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, nervousness, headache, and digestion can trigger discomfort.

Just as little is the Green coffee is recommended extract for people who have stopped the coffee and caffeine consumption, and don’t want to start. Because caffeine belongs in the category of addictive substances leads to habituation and, thus, to higher and higher doses are required to achieve the desired effects (e.g. the Concentration). Anyone who has managed to therefore, finally the Bounce, but then Green coffee extract capsules can again be a relapse.

Is chlorogenic acid in some people stomach discomfort after drinking coffee, is responsible. Who gets of coffee stomach problems should not take Green coffee extract capsules.

Green coffee extract can lead to a headache, and since chlorogenic acid acts a laxative to diarrhea. Allergic reactions or hypersensitivity reactions are – as with any food, and dietary supplements – also possible.

Who should not take Green coffee extract?

People with chronic diseases and people taking medication should – as always – the use of nutritional supplements, such as the Green coffee extract capsules, discuss with your doctor.

Pregnant and Nursing women should not adopt a Green coffee extract. Children also do not.

Other exclusion criteria can be found in the section “the Green coffee extract side effects”.

How to use green coffee to colon cleansing?

Good intestinal health is known to be a prerequisite for diseases can stay away from or healing in the first place. A colon cleansing is therefore one of in the natural healing of the most important preventive measures, but also to the essential measures in the treatment of almost any disease.

Often, enemas are part of a comprehensive gut renovation. Usually enemas with water or soothing herbal teas can be carried out. However, green coffee is apparently a highly effective way.

It provides out of an instant powder of the Green coffee extract a running-in fluid, and perform an enema. The effects are supposed to – according to experience healing and health reports – tremendously be beneficial. To enemas in Details with green coffee, to concrete action and implementation read enemas in our article about coffee.

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