Carbon monoxide poisoning: Two women visit a hookah Bar unconscious

Several people suffer in hookah-Bar carbon monoxide poisoning – 2 women unconscious

On the weekend in a hookah Bar in lower Saxony, two women because of a carbon monoxide poisoning unconscious and had to be transported to a hospital. Several other guests also had to be taken care of.

Increased carbon monoxide values, as measured

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, it came in a hookah Bar in the lower Saxony Peine to a large-scale operation of the fire brigade, rescue service and police. According to a message posted on the “news portal” that had been measured in the hookah-Bar enhanced carbon monoxide values. According to the figures, two female guests in the Bar had become briefly unconscious and were taken by ambulance to the hospital of the Peine.

Shisha Bar was closed provisionally

A further eight guests, which greatly increased carbon monoxide levels have been detected, have been provided on-site medical.

On the whole, cars in the use of twelve rescue, two emergency ambulances and 41 firefighters, as well as two patrol cars on-site.

According to police sources, the Shisha was closed the Bar temporarily and an investigation initiated.

Deadly Danger

In the past, already been much reported about carbon monoxide poisoning due to Shisha Smoking.

Health experts have therefore called for carbon monoxide detectors for hookah Bars.

In the case of a poisoning it comes to complaints such as headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, Nausea, and unconsciousness or death by Suffocation.

Various Carbon Monoxide-Sources

“Carbon monoxide (chemical-technical language name: carbon monoxide) is produced during the combustion of carbon-containing materials under high temperature and low oxygen supply,” explains the poison information centre-Nord (GIZ-Nord).

Frequent sources of danger fireplaces, the ventilation system is not working well enough, and defective gas-fired boilers.

Also carbon monoxide poisoning due to wood pellets.

Barbecues and patio heaters can also be at risk &#8211 will be; and also hookah Bars.(ad)