Anti-Baby-pill is supposed to be in the future 22. Years of age to be paid

After months of struggle, the so-called ban on abortion advertising, the government has agreed on a draft bill. Is this a revision to a cost of acquisition in the case of contraceptive pills.

The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), told the German press Agency on Monday night: "The health insurance funds assume the costs for the pill in the future two years longer, until the 22. Birthday. This will help young women to avoid unwanted pregnancies." He considered that this was a good addition in the framework of the government found a compromise.

The new regulation is part of a speaker design to solve the dispute about Changes to the ban on abortions in section 219a of the criminal law of Advertising book. This prohibits "Werbung" for abortions and, consequently, is liable to prosecution, who "his financial advantage wegen" public abortions. In the coalition, the SPD had called for the abolition of the ban on the Union side didn’t want to.

In December, the five competent Ministers negotiated a compromise proposal, introduced but not all of the critics, also within the SPD, satisfied. On this compromise, the law on building design.