9 Times J.Lo Showed Off Her Insanely Defined Core and Proved She's the Queen of Abs

If there’s one thing everyone (and I mean everyone) can agree on, it’s that J.Lo’s abs are goals. I mean, seriously: At 49, her middle is as chiseled as ever.

But make no mistake, girl works damn hard for that definition. She always makes the gym a priority, and don’t even get us started on her diet. (There’s no forgetting her legendary 10-day no carb, no sugar challenge.)

So, what ab exercises give Jenny From the Block her rock-hard abs, anyway? Her trainer David Kirsch previously told Health that side-plank oblique-crunches are her go-to move. 

J.Lo will always be our ab mat hero, which is why we decided to round up our absolute fave photos of her stomach of steel. Here, nine times J.Lo’s abs were straight fire. 

Rocking leggings with her face on them

J.Lo recently dropped a new collection of leggings with Niyama Sol, which she announced on Instagram with a photo of her wearing a pair of the leggings with a seriously original design: her face. Hey, we’ll buy anything to help up channel our inner J.Lo while on the ab mat.  

Day 4 of the 10-day no carb challenge 

J.Lo and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez recently did a 10-day no-carb, no-sugar challenge, and they invited their fans to join them. By just day four of challenge, J.Lo was making headlines for how insanely defined her abs looked.

…and day 9

If doing this challenge means getting abs like that, sign us up!

Singing in a Latin music video 

We. Are. Speechless. This steamy shot was a teaser for J.Lo’s “Te Guste” music video with Latin singer Bad Bunny.

Flexing mid workout

Just when you thought J.Lo’s body couldn’t get any more amazing, she posts a photo like this showing off her abs and arms. Muscular, well-defined arms used to be considered “manly”, but celebs like Lopez are paving the way for women everywhere to feel comfortable rocking muscle. 

Lounging on the beach

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Island vibezzz… ? #vacaciones

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J.Lo on an island. Nuff said. 

Going hard at the gym

J.Lo posted this gym selfie with the hashtag #SundayFunday, which makes us think what she was really trying to say was #NoDaysOff. 

Repping her line of workout gear

Okay, can we take a moment to acknowledge that J.Lo is turned fully to the side and we can still see her ab muscles. Just look at those obliques.

Taking a low-key mirror selfie

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Ayyyyy… ?

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Who wouldn’t take mirror sefies with abs like those?! 

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