Home remedies for hiccups

Hiccups can be an annoying disorder. If you have eaten something Sharp, wrong, or scared has breathing, there are many potential causes of hiccups. As varied as the possible causes of the alleged remedy against hiccups. Some people swear by the slow intake of water, another stops the air, and the vernacular suggests that Scare the hiccup remedy. What resources will really help, will be discussed in the Following.

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What is hiccups?

Hiccups (hiccups) occurs when the diaphragm suddenly tense, because the phrenic nerve (Nervus phrenicus) irritated. At the same time, take a deep breath, while the glottis between the vocal cords closes. The shutter blocks the inhaled air, so that it bounces off of the glottis and flows back. The air causes snaps back into the lungs and the resulting pressure the characteristic hiccup loudly.

Yet has not found out, what is the purpose of the hiccup. It is speculated that the closure of the glottis to ensure, that no liquid gets into the lungs. This is of particular importance to the Transport of fruit water in the Embryos – or of mother’s milk in infants – to prevent in the lungs. However, this is only a theory. The actual purpose of the SIP is to be the subject of further investigations.

The intensity, duration and frequency of the SIP is from Person to Person and from Situation to Situation. In General, it disappears after a few minutes. During this time, Affected hicksen between four and 60 Times per Minute. In rare cases, the hiccups lasts longer, sometimes even several months. Then this is called a chronic case of the hiccups.

Usually hiccup is an acute condition that disappears without any consequences. Sometimes a disease is behind it, however, especially when the hiccup occurs very frequently, or persistently. Unusual hiccups should be medically investigated to examine the cause behind it, and to guide treatment.

What triggers there are for hiccups?

Hiccups occur as a result of many different triggers. Frequent hiccups are, for example, discomfort during or after the food intake. The phenomenon can be caused, for example, by the temperature of the prepared food out. To hot or cold food irritates the phrenic nerve and, hence, favors the Occurrence of a Hiccups. Similarly, the amount and speed of intake of food. Spicy food can also cause hiccups. Who eats unfocused, swallowed also, from time to time. The tension of the diaphragm is initiated as a protective reflex.

Hiccup is also a physical response to a condition of the Psyche. Mental exceptional situations, such as anxiety, Stress, or Scare to Express themselves in a spasm of tension in many Parts of the body. The phrenic nerve is drawn together at the same time.

In films of all kinds, drunkenness is illustrated by the characteristic Hicksen. In fact, alcohol and nicotine play as a stomach irritant substances have an important role in the Emergence of hiccups. Many of the popular drinks, not only alcoholic, contain a of carbonic acid, a substance that irritates the stomach and the Occurrence of hiccups favors.

Other possible triggers include the pressure of the foetus on the diaphragm during pregnancy. Also medicines or interventions on the stomach, such as operations or reflections can trigger the hiccups.

Which diseases can manifest in hiccup?

Hiccups are usually harmless. Some of the causes for hiccups clinical in nature, however. If the hiccup lasts more than two days, it is likely that he became chronic. Chronic hiccup is an indicator of various ailments. In particular, inflammatory diseases and diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract can cause chronic hiccups. These include, among others:

  • the gastroesophageal reflux disease,
  • Gastric ulcers,
  • Gastric Mucosa Inflammation (Gastritis)
  • and damage to the diaphragm.

In extremely rare cases, cancer, hidden disease behind a hiccup.

Additionally, hiccups may occur as a Symptom of nervous complaints and disorders in the circulatory System. Since the nerves are involved in the development, hiccup disorders in the brain such as Meningitis and encephalitis is a possible side effect.

It is problematic, even if the hiccup in combination with other symptoms, such as heartburn, digestive problems, Nausea, or stomach pain occurs. Chronic hiccups should be investigated in any case, medically and treated.

What are the home remedies to help against hiccups?

A number of home remedies or treatment measures promise quick successes against the hiccups. In the following list of old classics, the Hiccup relief:

  • Drink water,
  • Breathe calmly,
  • Hold your breath,
  • Chamomile and fennel tea
  • and distraction.

Shock treatment with cold water

The consumption of cold water wakes up the body as a Whole and speaks to several centres. At the same time, the cold acts on the vagus nerve and lowers the heart rate. The body slackens and tensions are dissolved. If the water is fast or slow, drunk, is a matter of personal choice. Quickly drank it ensures a greater element of Surprise, but also slowly drink made of cold water. If the water is quickly taken, there is the risk that the hiccups compounded by the shock. A good procedure would be to drink slowly at first, and quick method to try out, if the slow Drinking gives no relief.

Breathing to calm down

Quick, sluggish Breathing, called Hyperventilation, stress the body and be accompanied, for example, of anxiety. A quick breathing provides, accordingly, for a state of Stress that in turn manifests itself in spasms. Slow, conscious Breathing has the opposite effect. It tension conditions and relieves nervous tension. The body can relax. This has a direct effect on the phrenic nerve, which dissolves slowly from his reflex voltage.

Hold your breath

If you, as a child, hiccups, a the parents, the air stop. In fact, this advice is based on a scientific Foundation. By the breath stop, it emits no carbon dioxide. This collects, the amount of carbon Dioxide is increasing, and interrupts as a result, the hiccup process. After the controlled, slow Exhalation, it brings back a deep breath and holds it again. In General, a few are of rich passages, the most annoying to get rid of hiccups.


Calming teas such as chamomile or fennel tea for a General relaxation of the tense muscles and loosen spasms and tension in the body. Chamomile tea to help with excess stomach acid and has a calming effect on the stomach. Lukewarm and slowly drink chamomile tea act the hiccups quickly and efficiently. Also fennel tea is known for its antispasmodic properties. It is important that the tea is not drank too hot. Provides hot fluid to the opposite effect and exacerbated the hiccups.


Also this Trick can help. Psyche and body are connected in many areas are inextricably linked. Nervousness and tension go Hand-in-Hand. Anyone who has pondered extensively, knows that the thinking stop by itself, if it is distracting. It is the same with the hiccups. If the concentration of the senses is directed to a different area, the Stimulation of the nerve between the brain stem and the diaphragm. For distraction, you can breathe in ice cubes or a lemon to suck or a small pinch of pepper, to bring to artificially Sneeze.

Each home agent acts equally well?

The listed home remedies are not for every person to the same extent misleading. With a hiccup, there are numerous methods of Stimulus control. Just as different as the individual requirements of the respective body. In the case of a Person of hiccups caused by too much stomach acid, in another by Stress. In principle, it applies individually to find out which of the listed methods for dealing with hiccups is helpful. For this reason, it is not a panacea. Through the application of the listed home remedies Affected can find out how you can create a hiccup remedy. (fp)