Tuberculosis cases at two schools – more than a hundred Infected

In Bad Schönborn in Baden-Württemberg, four students are diagnosed with tuberculosis, the number could still rise. The total number of infected students and teachers at the most affected school is estimated currently to 109 persons, informed the district office of Karlsruhe on his Website.

Before the Whitsun holidays was a case of infectious TB in an eight-grader at the community school. Then there was a further, related the case of a primary school. Both children were immediately and treated in isolation, writes to the district office. The infected eight-graders, not shared with the authorities.

After the two diseases, a high number of infections had been found in investigations””. Alone in the year of the eighth-grader were found in 88 percent of the classmates of bacteria that cause the disease. In the case of two pupils of the community school, the disease has broken out, you are currently being treated inpatient.

Not everyone Infected becomes ill also

Not everyone who gets infected with tuberculosis, is also sick. “In most cases, it is possible for the organism to fight the tuberculosis bacteria successfully, or you live in a bubble, and thus the infection permanently limit,” writes the Robert Koch Institute.

Only about 15 percent of people, the young people infected, diseased in the course of their lives, writes of the authority. In adults the proportion is even lower. Drugs can lower the risk. Who is not ill, is also not contagious – even with an infection.

To the students that the disease broke out, so return all the others in the class. “Thus, there is no reason for a restriction on the school operation”, informed the authorities.

“Tuberculosis today is usually a treatable and curable disease”, the authorities in Karlsruhe. Cases of tuberculosis, there is from time to time. So many contagions all class levels, however, were “unusual”, to quote the “Badische Latest news” a authorities doctor.

In order to exclude the disease broke out in even more Infected, will follow further investigations, including x-rays. To the part Affected will also be treated preventively with antibiotics.

In the world: Almost every third person carries the pathogen in

In the case of Patients with contagious tuberculosis, the bacteria in Breathing, coughing or Sneezing can be released into the air. The infection occurs via droplets. Especially small children and people with weakened immune systems have the Robert Koch-Institute, according to an increased risk of developing tuberculosis. Ill suffer from a lack of energy, night sweats, weight loss or a persistent cough.

Tuberculosis is not as rare as many people suspect: The RKI, according to 2018 have been reported nationwide, more than 5400 cases. The number was similar to 2017 and is slightly less than 2016.

Globally, tuberculosis is the most deadly infectious disease. 2017 together killed around 1.6 million people have tuberculosis, more than Aids and Malaria. Depending on the estimate, around a quarter is infected up to one-third of the world’s population with the bacteria. Without treatment, half of the Patients die almost. The problem is that more and more the tuberculosis pathogen resistance to common antibiotics develop.