Yoga back pain and sleep disorders relieves

More than half of all people with chronic back pain have trouble sleeping. In the corresponding investigations, it was diagnosed in 53 percent of the Affected with a sleep disorder. Treatment of back pain and sleep problems, sometimes even without drugs is possible, shows a recent study by the Boston Medical Center.

Yoga and physiotherapy are pain according to the study, effective options for the treatment of sleep disorders, and back and can even reduce the need for medication. The scientists report in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Participation in a Yoga course over twelve weeks or physiotherapy resulted in equally improving the quality of sleep, which continued even a year later. Especially participants, in which the pain was already after six weeks, went back, slept better – a reference to the fact that pain and sleep are closely linked.

Physiotherapy and Yoga are gleichermaßen effective

At the same time lower back pain and suffer from a poor sleep, it can affect the well-being and quality of life. "Given the risks, a combination of pain and sleeping medication for these patients, non-pharmacological approaches considered werden&quot should;, Eric Roseen, assistant Professor of family medicine at Boston University School of Medicine said.

In the study, 320 adults with chronic back part took pain, of which over 90 percent were suffering from sleep disorders. They were divided into three groups, one of which physiotherapy is received, the second in a twelve-week Yoga class took part and received the third group, only written information about their complaints. After twelve weeks, and after a year the results of the three groups were compared to each other. Earlier research by the Institute had shown that Yoga and physical therapy, similar to relieve pain, improve body function and the need for pain-reducing medication.