One capsule, four ingredients? As well, the heart protection pill

Several of the active ingredients in a tablet together, that is practical and cost-effective. Physicians, however, have doubts as to whether the Polypille different patient needs. A 5-year study now confirms the effectiveness of the “4-in-1”-product: one-third fewer cardiovascular problems with the study participants. But doctors are skeptical.

Blood thinners, blood pressure pills, cholesterol-lowering drugs – these heart-protecting drugs a lot of people every Morning. If more medicines are needed and in addition one, two, vitamin tablets are taken, would you be happy with a pill, in several of the active ingredients are combines.

Such Polypillen there are actually already for several years for the cardiovascular protection. The idea behind it was to improve the Compliance. Because experience has shown that neglect patients, the regular intake, the more tablets, pills, capsules you have to swallow. The effectiveness of combination Drug but there were always doubts.

Active substance-combined high blood pressure and cholesterol levels

This has now been demonstrated for a Polypille, in a study with nearly 7,000 participants over five years. After that, The “4 it was clear-in-1″capsule with

  • blood thinning Aspirin (81 mg),
  • two blood pressure core: Enalapril (5 mg) and HCT (12.5 mg),
  • and a cholesterol-lowering Statin: Atorvastatin (20 mg)

led the test subjects to one-third less heart disease than in the comparison group who had only received advice for a heart-healthy lifestyle: 202 to 301 diseases of 3420 participants.

The drug combination lowered the bad LDL cholesterol very significantly, but had relatively little effect on blood pressure. Most of the participants were permanently strictly to the ingestion of the drug benefited.

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4-in-1-heart disease prevention – a simple and cost-effective

The study’s authors to Reza Malekzadeh of Tehran University, the convenience of a reduced number of Tablets in the heart, but heart health in less-developed areas of the world, was less. Unlike in the Western industrial States, were the Doctors in emerging markets are less treatment options available, and less product variety for an individually tailored treatment. Also, the study participants came from over 100 villages in rural Iran. They were at the beginning of the study, between 50 and 75 years old.

The Polypille itself is not a new invention, but it has been tested and never so comprehensively. The results have now been published in the journal “the Lancet”, show for the first Time, the effectiveness of a fixed four-fold over a longer period of time.

Doctors in wealthy countries advocate for individual preparations

Physicians in the West in the Polypille no great advantage. Here you can ask for people with a heart risk or a cardiac disease in a very individual of the most suitable ingredients together. The dosage in a single preparation is of secondary importance.

This assessment may be incorrect. As has been shown, for example, that one-third of the heart patients omit a month after a hospital stay of at least one of your important medications.

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Since the 2015 has been approved in Germany Polypille in capsule form should counteract the intake fatigue of cardiac patients: Sincronium with blood thinning ACE, cholesterol-lowering drug Atorvastatin and blood pressure medication Rampiril in three different doses. In addition, it Triveram in the Polypille, allowed in case of proven risk factors.

Whether the positive effectiveness study from Iran for the German drugs, remains to be examined. Currently, the skepticism of Polypillen outweighs.

Skepticism due to side – effects and interactions

An evaluation of international studies on combined preparations, with a fixed drug dosage for the Cochrane Library has taken a position on the pills, that they remain behind the expectations. Verdict: not better than single preparations. Only people who are already taking medication for high blood pressure and increased blood fat values, would benefit. Effectiveness, side effects and interactions with other medicines are too little explored.

Whereas the majority of physicians Balk but especially, the idea is to impose to all people of a certain age prophylactically on a daily heart protection Polypille. The challenge about the authors of the Iranian study. You can see the tested Polypille as an inexpensive means should be provided to all people in poorer countries from a certain age for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases available.