Lithium lowers in the drinking water, the suicide rate?

For decades, a Lithium to stabilize the mood in depressed and suicidal people. Already for a long time scientists ask whether naturally occurring Lithium in drinking water has a positive effect on the Psyche. A new Review confirmed this connection.

A team of researchers in the UK, studies on the lithium deposits in drinking water, 1,286 locations in Japan, Austria, the USA, England, Greece, Italy and Lithuania examined. The average Lithium levels were between 3.8 and 46.3 micrograms per Liter (µg/l), with some municipalities reaching a maximum value of 80 µg/l. It showed that higher Lithium levels in the drinking water rates actually have lower Suicide in the Region were connected.

Lithium is used in mental hospitals a long time

"It appears promising that a higher content of trace lithium in the drinking water to improve the mental health of the population kann", the epidemiologist Anjum Memon of the Brighton and Sussex Medical School said. He had the results of his Team in the journal "The British Journal of Psychiatry" published.

In psychiatry, the doses used are at least 200 milligrams per day, much higher (about 10,000-fold), and the side effects must be carefully monitored. Some studies have shown, however, that even 400 micrograms per day can cause a mood improvement, and this is only about 10 – to 100-times more than the drinking water contained Lithium. Until today, we don’t know exactly how Lithium affects the mood, and suicide-preventive effect.