In a Tweet explained: Why depression often look different than you think

In Europe, every Fourth sick once in the life of a Depression. Many of those Affected do not want to admit to themselves that they suffer from a serious mental illness. In such situations, it is crucial to get help from friends or family members. However, even for the next environment, it is often difficult to interpret the signs correctly and to detect the Depression because many people still have a misconception of the disease.

A user on Twitter has exactly this: what is Depression actually? In your Tweet, gets on the short message service, great attention, she explains that depression is often different than it would expect the majority of people.

Signs of depression to recognize in a timely manner

“Depression does not always mean ‘I’m gonna kill myself'”, writes a user on Twitter, “Shyy.Marie calls”. “Sometimes it means ‘I spent the whole day in bed and not in the shower’, ‘I’m not gone to work because I wanted to sleep’, ‘Why should I do something?’, ‘I’m not hungry’ or ‘I can’t stop eating’.” “Shyy.Marie” calls for the friends to take care of, often just clumsy, lazy or a little stupid (“goofy”): “these are the ones that it is good to hide.”

Marie’s Tweet was almost retweeted 60,000 Times, and 176,000 in Time – a huge response yet, considering that it normally has only 360 Followers. Many other Users realize this and add to your list of points. “Just as I’ve felt in the past few years,” writes a user. Many of those Affected had responded in such situations, no close friends anymore because they all “would be scared out of your life”, someone on the Tweet.

“People think that you’re okay, they’ll never give you a Chance to talk, eventually you will burst and then you’re to blame,” describes a user experience. Another User pointed out, that especially people who already have a cautious personality, be at risk as it stand out to anyone, if you pull even further back.

“Shyy.Marie” is excited about the big reach of your Tweets. You want to be Concerned, and their friends recognize the symptoms in time: “It is easier when you accept it.”

You have suicidal thoughts? Help the phone offers pastoral care. It is anonymous, free-of-charge and round-the-clock 0 800 / 111 0 111 and 0 800 / 111 0 222 accessible. A consultation via E-Mail. A list of Federal-aid stations can be found on the page of the German society for suicide prevention.

For children and young people, the number against sorrow from Monday to Saturday from 14 to 20 hours – the number 116 111.